US government’s top scientific adviser resigns accused of intimidating staff

The top scientific adviser to the US government, Eric Lander, who helped map the human genome, resigned on Monday after it was discovered that he had intimidated his staff, behavior that President Joe Biden promised he would not tolerate when he took office. position.

“I am devastated that I caused harm to colleagues past and present by the way I spoke to them,” Lander wrote in his resignation letter.

“I have tried to push myself and my colleagues to achieve our shared goals, even challenging and criticizing at times,” he added, acknowledging that he “crossed the line at times by being disrespectful and degrading” to staff.

Lander was named director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in January last year after the Democratic president took office, who elevated the White House science adviser job to a cabinet level, a break from the policy of former Republican President Donald Trump. as the United States grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden had also made it a point to distinguish his administration from that of his Republican predecessor by pledging to maintain a respectful and professional work environment.

Lander resigned after an internal White House review, stemming from a complaint filed last year, found “credible evidence” that the federal administration’s top scientist was “bullying” several staff members, the publication reported. Politician.

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