Sergio Peña: Valery Revello ignores ampay and shows off dancing and singing the song “Pobre Diabla” with some friends

Valery Revello traveled to Miami before the issuance of his ampay. (Photo: Instagram)

Valery Revelo was the protagonist of an ampay which will be broadcast this Monday, February 7 on Amor y Fuego. Here The model and wife of soccer player Sergio Peña is seen in affectionate situations with a surfer, with whom he also enters a hotel.

Although neither the model nor the athlete has spoken so far, it is known that Valery decided to travel to Miami with her daughter to visit relatives. Through his Instagram account, he can be seen posing very cheerfully, enjoying the United States.

However, that is not all, he is also seen dancing, drinking and singing a peculiar song with some friends. This is the theme of Don Omar, Poor Diabla.

Very cheerful and with a glass in hand, Valery sings loudly: “It is said that you have been seen wandering the streets… You are seen crying, crying, just crying.”

And although she seems quite calm without apparently caring about the consequences of the ampay, what she has done is restrict her Instagram account, only her followers can see her posts, but they cannot comment.

Valery Revello ignores ampay and shows off dancing and singing ‘Pobre Diabla’ with some friends. (Video: Instagram)


Chambers of Love and Fire they captured the model Valery Revello, soccer player’s partner Sergio Pena, together with a young surfer in affectionate situations and entering a hotel.

In the preview of the images that will be broadcast this Monday, February 7, you can see the mother of the athlete’s daughter in what would be a party hugging a man. Likewise, it is recorded apparently entering a hotel and leaving when the sky was clear.

“Selected Sergio Peña trains in Spain, but his partner and mother of his daughter lives “another love” with a surfer. And they end up in a hotel!”, can be read in the magazine’s promotional video on its official Instagram account.

Sergio Peña: Soccer couple Valery Revello is captured in affectionate situations with a young surfer for ‘Amor y Fuego’


After spreading this advance where his wife is seen entering a hotel with a surfer, the reaction of the followers was immediate. Through social networks, users have not hesitated to express their support and encourage him to continue.

“Fuerza Peña”, “Fuerza crack, Peru supports you”, “I know you are an excellent father, never change”, “Don’t ‘paltees’, just keep going with your daughter. Blessings Peñita”, “We are with you, you have more. Focus on your career, above Peru”, were some of the user comments.


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