Novo Hamburgo and São Luiz finished without goals

Novo Hamburgo and São Luiz did not go beyond the draw and ended up tied without goals in their match for date 4 of Brazil – Gaucho Championship 2022.

The best player of the match was Lucas Luan. The defender from Novo Hamburgo had a good level by clearing 2 dangerous balls.

Lucas Carvalho was also key. The defender from São Luiz had a good level by clearing 3 dangerous balls.

It was a game with many fouls and numerous interruptions. There were 2 cautioned: Kaio and Ariel.

Novo Hamburgo coach Fabiano Daitx proposed a 4-5-1 formation with Lucas Maticoli in goal; Léo, Micael, Islan and Higor in the defensive line; Kaio, Felipe Guedes, Michel Renner, Héctor Bustamante and Jeffinho in the middle; and Alexandre Alemão in attack.

For its part, Paulo Henrique Marques’s team took the field with a 4-3-3 scheme with Renan Rocha under the three sticks; Lucas Carvalho, João Marcus, Willian Goiano and Márcio Goiano in defense; Paulinho Santos, Régis Silva and João Vieira in midfield; and Jean Dias, Juba and Ariel up front.

Leandro Vuaden was the referee who directed the match at the Estádio do Vale stadium.

Novo Hamburgo’s next game in the championship will be away against Internacional, while São Luiz will host Frederiquense.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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