María del Carmen Alva: “Pedro Castillo is not qualified to choose anyone”

María del Carme Alva, president of the Congress of the Republic. | Image: Latina News

The President of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, I consider that The President of the Republic should no longer be given another fourth chance, peter castle, to form a new cabinet since he considers that the head of state “is not qualified to elect anyone.”

I really think that he is not qualified to choose anyone. He has said that he is not qualified to govern and that he did not prepare himself. I think that he also has no criteria to choose the people around him: both the people who are in the Palace and his ministers”, he said in an interview with Punto Final.

The problem is not only that he is not trained, it is that he is not well advised, he does not meet with the right people. Now we find out from the former premier, the former secretary general who is kidnapped by those around him”, he pointed out in another part of the interview.


On the possibilities of getting out of the political crisis, the head of the Executive commented on the bill presented by the congresswomen Norma Yarrow (Advance Country) and Susel Paredes (Purple Party) to include in Article 117 the possibility of investigating corruption issues. He also said that he has also appeared Constitutional Accusation presented by another group of independent congressmen and that these issues must be debated in the Constitution commission.

He stressed that there is no presidential vacancy motion, although there is an announcement by the Popular Renovation bench to promote that path. “Any way out has to be within the framework of the Constitution“, He said.

When asked by the journalist if it should be given one more opportunity for the president to elect a new cabinet, María del Carmen Alva said no.


Meanwhile, on the participation of Edwin Martínez in a meeting with President Castillo, warned that he had gone in a personal capacity and that his political group will be the opposition.

Acción Popular has been chosen to be constructive opposition, monitor and exercise political control. Acción Popular has given the president confidence and has given him the opportunity to work”, he highlighted.

In addition, he pointed out that his bench had already decided not to give Pedro Castillo’s new cabinets more opportunities.

However, he said that This fourth cabinet requires a prime minister with experience, not only technical but also political.


On the other hand, the president of Congress said she felt satisfied with the work it does in Congress despite the high level of disapproval.

In addition, regarding the bill approved in the first vote that proposes to change the composition of the board of directors of the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu), said that a second vote is still missing and that the final decision could be different.

María del Carmen Alva: “Castillo is not qualified to choose anyone”


The president held several meetings on Sunday in view of the formation of the new cabinet. Among those who attended the Government Palace were: the Minister of Justice, Aníbal Torres; the Minister of Foreign Trade, Roberto Sánchez; the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos; Popular Action congressman Edwin Martínez, among others.


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