Justice Fulfillment Priests Group “Worried about shaman controversy in the presidential election, peace on the Korean Peninsula should continue”

▲ YouTube footage of the Priests for the Realization of Catholic Orthodoxy

A month before the 20th presidential election, the National Priesthood for the Realization of Catholic Orthodoxy expressed concerns about the ‘shamanic controversy’ while wishing for a presidential election for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

On the afternoon of the 7th, the priesthood held a ‘National Prayer Meeting for Democracy and Peace’ at the Peace Hall in Chimyeongjasan, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do. The City Prayer Meeting explained that this election was prepared in response to divisions and conflicts by gender, region, and generation, and the shaman controversy of some candidates and concerns about the threat to the peace process on the Korean Peninsula. In particular, he pointed out that politicians, prosecutors, courts, media, and non-executive people are disturbing and shaking the presidential election board.

At the City State Prayer Meeting, 15,000 people, including laity, priests, and religious, released statements that contained such concerns and wishes. They said, “The media, prosecutors and courts have a direct influence on voter choice, so they should operate according to common sense, fairness, justice, laws and principles more than any other group, but the reality is not.” “How many people do not care about their fairness? yes,” he pointed out.

He also expressed concern about the shamanic controversy of a powerful candidate. They said, “It is difficult to understand why shamanism has turned into an overt election,” and said, “There are people who ask fortune tellers about what they think and take responsibility for, and if that’s true, it is absolutely unacceptable.” “This election has become a matter of choosing whether to entrust the future to the power of rational peace or to hand the sword to the power of magic,” he said.

They said, “Whenever we hear the argument that we overpower the opponent by force and that the result obtained is genuine peace, our hearts are disturbed,” they said. emphasized.

He continued, “Every time we talk about the achievements achieved through the Panmunjom Declaration and the Pyongyang Declaration, ‘it is just a political show’ and ‘preemptive strike and kill chain’, we are proud of our efforts to develop the armistice system into a peace regime. “I hope that whoever assumes the presidency will not ignore our prayers for national reconciliation and unity,” he said.


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