Joe Biden’s warning to Vladimir Putin: “If Russia invades Ukraine there will no longer be Nord Stream 2”

Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz gave a joint press conference from the White House (REUTERS / Leah Millis)

After the meeting he held this Monday at the White House with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, United States President Joe Biden argued that “democracy is the best path for Russia” in the context of the conflict with Ukraine.

“Diplomacy is the best way forward for all parties…including Russia, in our opinion. And we have made it very clear that we are willing to continue talks in good faith with Russia.”, said the head of state during a joint press conference held after the meeting in the Oval Office.

Along these lines, Scholz indicated that “The most promising strategy we can have is to keep all kinds of dialogue open.”

Both leaders highlighted the close cooperation between Washington and Berlin in the face of the Russian threat on the border with Ukraine. “We have complete confidence, there is no doubt about the alliance between the US and Germany. Germany is completely trustworthy.”, Biden assured after certain criticisms of the head of the German government, whom some voices in Washington consider too complacent in the face of the risk of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

Even during the meeting in the Oval Office, Biden affirmed that the United States and Germany act “in unison” against the Russian threat: “We act in unison to continue preventing Russian aggression in Europe” and to face “The challenges posed by China”. “Germany is one of the closest allies of the United States,” he added.

Biden promised to close the Nord Stream pipeline in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)
Biden promised to close the Nord Stream pipeline in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

Scholz has caused a stir in recent weeks by refusing to supply weapons to Ukraine and by being slow to position himself on a controversial pipeline although he finally agreed to include it in the list of possible retaliation in case of a Russian attack.

In fact, during the press conference Biden promised to “end” the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, built to bring Russian gas to Europe, if Moscow invades neighboring Ukraine.

“If Russia invades – that means tanks or troops cross the border of Ukraine, again – then there will be no more Nord Stream 2”said the US president, along with Scholz.

However, when asked about it, the German chancellor avoided expressly confirming whether he is willing to suspend the permits for the gas pipeline in the event that Russia invades Ukraine, as the United States and its European allies fear.

“We are acting together. We are absolutely united and we will not take different steps. We will take the same steps, and they will be very, very hard on Russia, and they will understand.”Scholz assured.

Both announced that they had agreed on a package of “strong sanctions” that they will impose on Russia if it attacks Ukraine, but Scholz resisted citing the gas pipeline among the economic consequences prepared for Moscow, despite questions from the media.

The US reiterated that the economic consequences will be devastating if Russia invades Ukraine (Vadim Yakubyonok/BelTA/Handout via REUTERS)
The US reiterated that the economic consequences will be devastating if Russia invades Ukraine (Vadim Yakubyonok/BelTA/Handout via REUTERS)

He did insist that the response of NATO members will be “unanimous” in terms of sanctions. “We are close allies and act in a coordinated and united manner when it comes to responding to current crises,” Scholz said, adding that Russia would pay “a very high price” if it invaded Ukraine.

The day before, he stated that Germany was willing to send additional troops to the Baltic countries as part of NATO operations.

Meanwhile, the US president said on Monday that the citizens of his country who are in Ukraine –with the exception of diplomatic personnel– should leave the country, although he acknowledged that he still does not know if there will be a Russian attack.

I think it would be a wise decision for them to leave the countryBiden said. The president clarified that he was not referring to the staff of the US embassy, ​​​​but to the citizens of his country “they are there”. I’d hate to see them caught in the crossfire, if they do invade. there’s no need for thatBiden added.

On the other hand, stressed that only a quarter of the energy that Germany uses is linked to gas and only part of that gas comes from Russia, because a large proportion comes from Norway and the Netherlands.

Despite this lack of specificity on the part of his ally, Biden insisted that the relationship with Germany has not weakened, and that “there are no doubts about the bilateral alliance”. “There is no need to regain confidence. (Germany) You have the complete confidence of the United States,” stressed the US president.

Tension has skyrocketed in the last month over the West’s claim that Russia has mobilized more than 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine, which has led the Russian and US governments to engage in a propaganda battle.

Moscow has repeated on several occasions that it does not want a war with Kiev and that it does not threaten Ukraine, while Washington warns that the Russians could attack the neighboring country “at any moment”.

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