Congressman Edwin Martínez met with Pedro Castillo: “This new cabinet will generate confidence in the population”

Edwin Martínez belongs to Acción Popular, but said that he did not go to the Government Palace on behalf of his caucus. Photo: Andean

Edwin Martinez, congressman from People’s Actionmet with the president peter castle at the Government Palace this Sunday. Before entering, the parliamentarian said that he was not attending on behalf of his bench but that they were going to deal with conjunctural issues.

“You have to give way to tranquility, you have to think in a statesmanlike way, Peru does not deserve a premier who dialogues who gives confidence and gives stability, who does not get lost like a ship adrift”, declared to the press.

Martínez specified that the presidential vacancy against the president “it would be harmful”, but “if he considers that he should resign, then let him do so, but I do not agree with justifying a resignation. The people do not want more fire, the people want a technical and not a political Cabinet”.

Regarding his arrival at the Government Palace, he said that it was an “invitation” from Pedro Castillo “to talk”, however, he stated that “There is no pact, I am not here representing Popular Action but the people.”

After the meeting, Edwin Martínez said that this new ministerial cabinet will generate confidence and that he left the Government Palace satisfied because he had seen “its opening, I believe that today it will make decisions. He needed to get rid of that pressure, between Tuesday and Wednesday he should be presenting the Cabinet”.

“The president has the will to form a Cabinet at the height of the population, I hope that in these days he formalizes the new Cabinet. It is the president who will announce it at the time. This will be a Cabinet that will have the conditions and will generate confidence in the population”, ended.


Since the announcement of departure of congressman Héctor Valer as president of the Council of Ministers Due to the complaints of family violence, Pedro Castillo has held several meetings in the Government Palace.

In the official record of visits, the president met for four hours with the minister of the Foreign Trade and Tourism portfolio, Robert Sanchez, who preferred not to offer statements to the press that was outside the Palace.

Until now It has not been confirmed when the swearing-in date of the new ministerial cabinet will be.


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