Carlos Stein and ADT de Tarma finished goalless

Carlos Stein and ADT de Tarma did not go beyond the draw and ended up tied without goals in their match for date 1 of Peru – Liga 1 Betsson 2022.

The best player of the match was Luis Valverde. Carlos Stein’s defender had a good level.

César Inga was also key. Tarma’s ADT defender had a good level.

It was a match with only one card, in the 40th minute of the first half Josimar Vargas received a yellow card.

Carlos Stein’s coach, Jahir Butrón, proposed a 4-4-2 formation with Juan Goyoneche in goal; Felipe Mesones, José Cotrina, John Fajardo and Pedro Requena in the defensive line; Josimar Vargas, Óscar Vílchez, Julio César Landauri and Federico Ramos in the middle; and Oshiro Takeuchi and Maximiliano Freitas in attack.

For its part, Juan Carlos Bazalar’s team took the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Ignacio Barrios under the three posts; Hugo Ancajima, Sebastián Ramírez, Hervé Kambou and Jeickson Reyes in defense; Yorkman Tello, Cristhian Vargas, Kevin Serna and Diego Temoche at midfield; and Pedro Bautista and Luis Machado up front.

David Huaman Pimentel was the referee who directed the match at the César Flores Marigorda stadium.

Carlos Stein’s next game in the championship will be away against Ayacucho FC, while ADT de Tarma will host César Vallejo.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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