Ale Venturo distances himself from Melissa Paredes and clarifies Rodrigo Cuba: “I’m not in competition with anyone”

Rodrigo Cuba’s partner does not want any more comparisons. (Photo: Composition)

Ale Venturo counted all details of her relationship with Rodrigo Cuba, ex-husband of Melissa Paredes, and made it clear that does not seek to generate comparisons by posting on social media beautiful moment that is happening in your life.

Since their relationship was made public, the couple has not stopped uploading content on their platforms to brag about their romance. Although many applaud this relationship, others believe that it is a kind of competition with Melissa Paredes, who does the same with Anthony Aranda.

The comparisons gained more force when the soccer player’s father, George Cuba, made it clear that he did accept Ale Venturo as part of his family. Even the owner of “The fit refrigerator” calls him “uncle” and he is delighted with his daughter Aria.

During an interview with the program You are in all Natalie Vértiz’s best friend pointed out that she gets along very well with her in-laws. My uncles (Rodrigo’s parents) are the best. We already had the opportunity to bring the two families together and they get along like compadres and comadres, he expressed.

After that, he took a few seconds to clarify that He is not seeking to generate controversy with his statements, since many know that Rodrigo Cuba’s father was not entirely happy with Melissa Paredes as a daughter-in-law.

I am not in competition with anyone, I am living my love with Rodrigo. Obviously I understand that it can lead to misunderstandings and it is simply a matter of getting used to the situation a bit“, He said.


Ale Venturo He said that he met the family of Rodrigo Cuba in the month of December. This happened unexpectedly, making her quite nervous.

I was dying of shame. He was with his mom at the Jockey Plaza doing some Christmas shopping and he told me ‘I’m going to pick you up with my mom’. And I was tomato-colored, my Roche veins were bursting, told Natalie Vértiz exclusively.

As she narrated, not only was her mother-in-law to pick her up, but also Rodrigo Cuba’s aunt and other members of the family, including Jorge Cuba. Seeing that she was being officially introduced, she steeled herself to put aside her nerves and make a good impression.

“I said it’s now or never, and I got in the car. His mom inspired me a lot of confidence, super cute, loving. My uncle Jorge (Rodrigo’s father) is too cool. His brother is also super cool. Rodrigo and I are very familiar, it’s not that we go out so much “, he indicated.

Ale Venturo tells how he met his in-laws for the first time. (VIDEO: América TV / You are in All)


at another time, Ale Venturo told that Rodrigo Cuba He had warned her about the media pressure she could suffer once their relationship was made public. However, he promised her that he would be by her side at all times so that she would not feel alone.

He himself warned me of what was coming, but he always told me that he would be with me, that he would take care of me. It gave me a lot of security. He told me that I didn’t have to hide anything because I wasn’t doing anything wrong and because I wasn’t someone to hide.”, he pointed out.

THE DATA: According to Ale Venturo, the conversations about starting a romance began in the fortnight of December. Nowadays. The couple have been romantically involved for almost a month.

Ale Venturo confessed that he has been in a relationship with Rodrigo Cuba for a month. (VIDEO: América TV / You are in All)


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