Supporters take to the streets on the eve of the elections in Costa Rica

San José, Feb 5 (EFE).- Groups of supporters of political parties took to the streets this Saturday to show support for their candidates on the eve of the presidential and legislative elections on Sunday in Costa Rica. Supporters of the National Liberation Party (PLN), whose candidate is former president (1994-1998) José María Figueres Olsen, gathered in the Plaza de la Democracia y la Abolición del Ejército, in downtown San José, and then moved to the Fountain of Hispanidad. These people gathered for a few minutes around the statue of José Figueres Ferrer, who is the father of the candidate and the founder of the PLN, and who was also the one who abolished the Army on December 1, 1948 after winning the last civil war that Costa lived through. Delicious. “We are living a democratic party. Years ago we did not live it like this, people have come out with the flags, we are dancing, democracy is felt, freedom is felt in this country. We are going to govern again for the poorest sectors and above all everything for women,” Cynthia Berrocal, wife of candidate Figueres, told Efe. For her part, the candidate of the Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC), Lineth Saborío, spent the day in meetings at her campaign house, where a group of followers came to express their support with mariachi music. “It has been a very nice campaign, a campaign in which we have had the affection and that moves me, the affection gives it away. Thanks to all the supporters, to all those who have somehow come to this movement,” said Saborío. For his part, the candidate Fabricio Alvarado, of the evangelical New Republic Party, made a tour of the town of Desamparados, in the south of San José, on Saturday and affirmed that the objective was to get closer to the people who have expressed their support for him. “This day, after an intense week of 4 debates and meetings, we have dedicated ourselves to our people, to the people of Costa Rica who have been working to win in the first round,” Alvarado declared. Since last Sunday, the candidates have been prohibited from holding rallies or massive public activities, and since Thursday, the ban on propaganda in the media has been in force, according to the electoral rules. However, it is customary for groups of followers to take to the streets in caravans and meet in emblematic places such as the Hispanidad fountain, in the eastern sector of the capital. Twenty-five presidential candidates are participating in this Sunday’s elections, a number never seen in the country’s history. According to the polls, a second round is almost imminent for next April between the two most voted candidates, since in the measurements made, neither is close to the 40% support necessary for a victory in the first round. The former president (1994-1998) José María Figueres is the one with the most support, followed by the former vice president (2002-2006) Lineth Saborío; evangelical preacher and journalist Fabricio Alvarado; the lawyer and deputy José María Villalta and the economists Rodrigo Chaves and Eliécer Feinzaig.

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