▲ Reporter Jeong Ki-hoon

The narrow two-lane road passing through Gamagol, Yangju, Gyeonggi-do often crosses winding mountains. In the shade, it was the same as the snow that had fallen a few days ago. The black road was shiny. There were many notices warning of ice everywhere. The cars drove without hesitation. The truck, which was going up an uphill curve loaded with liquor boxes, poured soju and beer bottles on the road, then slowed down and stopped. Avoiding sharp shards of glass, up and down cars were tangled and the congestion was terrible. Stickers urging or promising to drive safely were also affixed to the cargo compartment of the accident truck. When passing the village estuary beyond the ashes, there were a lot of information on the protection of the elderly and children along with traffic lights. Large cars often passed the road. Driving cars slowed down just before the fixed speed cameras. He pressed close to the tail of a car that kept the speed limit. There was no difference in the places where accidents were frequent. blended into the landscape. there is a person No, the mannequin in human form was wearing a hard hat and holding a pointing stick. It is the seat next to the ‘freezing risk absolute deceleration’ sign. From a distance, it seemed quite plausible at first glance, but if you pass by it often, it will soon become dull. The cars ran. A lot of empty powder was sitting on the fallen leaves where the scarecrow stood. It must be stone dust from the Sampyo Industrial Quarry in front of it. Staff wearing hard hats stood in line behind the fence engraved with safety first and guarded the front door. The front was crowded with reporters with cameras. An industrial safety patrol vehicle from the Ministry of Employment and Labor passed by. There were many police. During the Lunar New Year holiday last year, three people who were working at the quarry were found dead. A news anchor said that it was a place where accidents were frequent. A banner from a law firm promoting legal advice on the Serious Disaster Punishment Act was posted in front of the main gate of a quarry that was hit by a worker. Those worried that the law might not do their job stood before the reporters. demanded severe punishment. People were worried that the difficult law should not be just a scarecrow.

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