Peru’s Prime Minister fired after three days

Status: 06.02.2022 09:14 a.m

Valer Pinto was the third prime minister appointed by Peru’s president in the past six months. He only lasted three days in office. This is due to allegations of domestic violence.

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo has fired Prime Minister Héctor Valer Pinto, who was appointed just three days ago, over allegations of domestic violence. “I have decided to reshuffle the government,” Castillo said. When the President unveils the next government, it will be the fourth since he took office six months ago.

Valer Pinto came under pressure on Thursday when newspapers reported that his wife and daughter reported him for domestic violence in 2016. The opposition and parts of the government then demanded his resignation. The 62-year-old Prime Minister denied being an “abuser” and said he had never been convicted of domestic violence.

Protests against Castillo increase

Valer Pinto was the third prime minister since Castillo took office in July. Castillo’s government is mired in crisis. For the first time since his election, former supporters of him are protesting against his government. They accuse him of not being careful enough when choosing his ministers.

The former village school teacher Castillo was sworn in as president at the end of July 2021 after an extremely narrow election victory and weeks of legal disputes with the defeated right-wing populist Keiko Fujimori. The government of the inexperienced politician came under pressure in the first few weeks of his term of office. Due to various allegations or differences of opinion within the cabinet, important ministers in his government have repeatedly resigned.

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