Epigmenio Ibarra warned about digital attacks: “They are an incitement to physical violence”

Epigmenio Ibarra pointed out attempted attacks against him (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

television producer Epigmenio Ibarra denounced attacks against him on social networks, especially on Twitter, and warned that they are the first step to physical violence.

Through his official account on said platform, the founder of Argos Comunicación assured that behind the digital aggressions there are not “farms of bots”, but are products of communication strategies designed by psychologists, semiologists, as well as experts in political propaganda.

He ruled that the only objective of this behavior is to dehumanize a person, in order to make it vulnerable, especially in the political case. Therefore, he warned that care must be taken with this behavior, because they are a gateway to physical violence.

“Whoever thinks that behind bot farms there are only léperos is mistaken. No way! Psychologists, semiologists, experts in black propaganda lead these hordes. Its objective; dehumanize your enemy to facilitate their annihilation. Verbal violence is an incitement to physical”, he wrote this Sunday, February 6.

Epigmenio Ibarra warned about digital violence (Photo: Twitter/@epigmenioibarra)
Epigmenio Ibarra warned about digital violence (Photo: Twitter/@epigmenioibarra)

This is not the first time that Ibarra has been annoyed by the sharing of “the farms of bots” on Twitter, because on October 19 he denounced that he allegedly suffered from censorship in his official account since mid-2021.

Through a message, the also journalist and columnist explained that has lost about 60% of its range, which he attributed to two possible reasons. In the first place, he assured that it is due to the attacks he has suffered from alleged bots and fans of the groups opposed to the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

While in second place, he stated that it has to do with the phenomenon shadow banning, which has been denounced on multiple occasions by users of the platform.

“The loss of 60% of my account reach is due to: 1) The massive and constant attacks of bots and fans of the conservative right. 2) To the ‘Shadow banning’ that @TwitterLatAm exercises at the request of third parties with power. They want to shut me up. I ask you to support this complaint with RT”

the founder of "Argus Communication" stated that he suffers from "shadow banning" (Photo: Twitter/@epigmenioibarra)
The founder of “Argos Comunicación” pointed out that he suffers from “shadow banning” (Photo: Twitter/@epigmenioibarra)

Also, during the month of September of last year also asked his followers to share and interact with his information in order to improve reach.

On that occasion, he pointed out that decreased 54% (six points less than this month), blaming the right, again, for wanting to discredit him and prevent his videos from being broadcast on said social network.

The virulence and massiveness of the attacks vs my account have caused this lose 54% of your range. The right wants to discredit me, silence me, prevent my videos from being broadcast. I ask usd for its active solidarity. Could you see, comment, give RT? Grs”, Ibarra wrote.

Jorge Triana and Epigmenio Ibarra have clashed on Twitter due to their political positions (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Jorge Triana and Epigmenio Ibarra have clashed on Twitter due to their political positions (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

However, these accusations have not been well received by the opposition sector, which is why the federal deputy of the National Action Party (PAN), Jorge Triana Tena decided to ironize about the situation and launched himself against the television producer.

And it is that the PAN assured that if Ibarra lost scope in his account it was not due to the bots of the right, rather responded to the fact that has been dedicated to blocking people who think differently from him over the years, which is why he named him “bestiezuela”.

“Oye, bestiezuela, @epigmenioibarra. Could it be that you lost 54% of reach on twitter because you have blocked 54% of existing accounts on twitter? Think about it”, wrote the legislator.


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