Cards are the new weapons with which palace coups are carried out

Tom Wolfe wrote The Bonfire of the Vanities in 1987, a critical novel about the customs of 1980s society, characterizing the universe of the wealthy and their interactions with the rest of society, in a context of hypocrisy and appearances in which social conventions change according to convenience of the moment. The Argentine reality of 2022 rewrites the saga, in its Creole version, 35 years later. This time, the characters are the wealthy politicians who govern us and their clumsiness, such as Máximo Kirchner’s letter of March 31, hours before the president boarded the plane for an inopportune tour of Russia, China and Barbados, in moments in which the former is in full conflict with the US over Ukraine. The note by Mariano Caucino, former ambassador to Israel and Costa Rica: “Zelig in Moscow” (Infobae), explains very well the diplomatic nonsense of our president. Vaccines are not only paid for with money, the cost includes other types of genuflections, especially if you also think about passing the hat.

While the nation is crumbling, drug trafficking – which we have been denouncing for a long time – continues to wreak havoc, transforming the suburbs of Buenos Aires into the new Sinaloa in the face of the incomprehensible inactivity of the Government, the main official leaders play a dangerous game of betrayals and passing bills. The important transcendence of the inconsequential is an oxymoron that describes the actuality of national politics. Maximum, as a political leader has only one merit: the bearing of a surname. Everything else is trivial. Between the hypocrisy of his resignation from the presidency of the ruling bloc (obviously maintaining the privileges and privileges of the position, that is, a symbolic resignation) and the game of miserable appearances that make up his daily life, he had the “aim” of finishing splitting the government coalition in two, putting the President in check, and at the same time generating reputational damage to the Nation. We were the subject of several international editorials, and that is not free, an issue that, due to his political incompetence, does not seem to matter to him. Let’s not forget that it comes from blowing up the approval of the National Budget. Which already shows us clearly that For the cristinista story, it is more important to preserve his own hunting ground, the impoverished Buenos Aires suburbs -today co-opted by drug traffickers-, than to think about the good of “his” people, in the face of a dark electoral panorama. They run away running forward with their eyes on 2023.

As the direction of the government, disorientation continues to be the north they seem to follow. With his resignation, Máximo again put Alberto Fernández in check, who could not enjoy his inopportune walk in peace. The crack in the Front of All, if there was any doubt, today it is no longer possible to hide it. Agreeing with the IMF involves a greater sacrifice of all Argentines, something that, in electoral terms, entails the loss of a greater electoral wealth than the 5.2 million in 2021. As happens with sinking ships, certain mammals are the first to leave them. The future of the Front of All looks dark turning the Government into a bonfire of vanities, where the past is more present than ever. Cristina and Máximo chose to preserve their hunting ground, and with it parliamentary immunity, as a result of the foreseeable fate that the result will bring them in 2023, recognized by the deputy Fernanda Vallejos, conjuror of the word, and declared public enemy of the President to who cataloged “mequetrefe and squat”.

Alberto Fernandez in China
Alberto Fernandez in China

Máximo, as much as they deny it, is Cristina. Although in private it is not, you should know that the perception of ninety-nine percent of the population is that. Bearing a surname imposes that sentence on him, with which if he found the stature of a seasoned leader, he would know that “it is” what it does not say “to be.” From that familiar fact, but with institutional significance, Alberto Fernández will have to solve the dilemma presented by his now already declared “not so own troop”. Máximo left the President wounded. Cristina knows it and, at a certain point, it is where she wants to have it to control her airs of independence, an aspect that today is a strong unknown. The rebellion is just around the corner. The opposition, no matter how much it denies it in public, will be in charge of preserving the institutions that the Frente de Todos self-bastardizes itself. The helicopter virus repeats the first symptoms. Let’s hope that the vaccine works against the strain of cards at the stake of the vanities that the Government has become.

Alberto, who continues to take firm steps in his intention to be reelected in 2023, once again saw how they leave him sitting on the couch knowing that they do everything possible so that he does not continue. It could be many things, but underestimating it would be a deadly error for Cristina’s strategy in order to purify her judicial situation, a scenario in which the shaky march of the defendants was an institutional horror and a political error, it only strengthened court. In this tangle of vanities, Sergio Massa’s position is complex. He must evaluate which side of the government crack he stays on or if it is time to break ranks and finish dealing the death blow that ends the already declared farce that is the Front of All. It is not an easy decision, but sooner or later the president of the Chamber of Deputies will have to face an unwanted dilemma, but that Máximo’s bravado imposes on him. Clumsiness by the way celebrated by the president of the lower house that leaves the path even more free in his personal aspirations. Let us remember that in 2013 he said in an interview with Jorge Rial that Kirchnerism was a stage overcome. The past always catches up with us. But we know that in politics anything goes and Massa is by far the one who best knows how to add and subtract within the Frente de Todos.

Argentina is an indebted country and the debts are paid. That leaves aside the adventurous arguments about the nullity of the loan, an issue that is not even worth analyzing due to its scarce argumentative entity. Not agreeing with the IMF would be disastrous for the future of an impoverished nation ruined by the terrible management of those who passed through the Sillón de Rivadavia. But both Cristina and Máximo prefer to preserve the story and strengthen their hard core, which at least ensures them legislative impunity and that the rest settle down, like the inhabitants of “Puerta 8″. Cristina, today devalued, only reigns in the suburbs of Buenos Aires while the narco is already beginning to fight for the land, does not even have an international flight where it meets as part of the decoration with the authentic decadents.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Honduras
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Honduras

Nor is the argument by which it is argued that arranging with the IMF it would matter to validate Macri’s management, something that for the hardest cristinistas, is less digestible than a drink of hemlock, is not weighty. In this context, a stumble in the agreement with the IMF in Congress simply and simply leaves the President empty of power, which Alberto Fernández should already avoid if he wants to finish his term on December 10, 2023. Máximo’s letter at the stake of the vanities leaves him on the verge of institutional collapse while we are on our way to becoming Sinaloa, with the degree of violence and deaths that this implies. They play with fire inside an arsenal full of explosives. COVID may not be the problem it is today at some point, the same does not happen with drug trafficking and the Government knows it.

More than addicted to loans (according to The Washington Post) we are addicted to decadence. That the famous monologues of Tato Bores remain more relevant than ever several decades later, explains our national and popular tragedy. We continue discussing the same problems, but at the same time we are getting worse every day, with more drug dealers and more violence. The past is more present than ever, in a country where the ruling caste makes poverty a resource for political security. For populism, poverty is an input of its state policies, in a country where the inquisition moved to Twitter and epistles are the new weapons with which “coups” are carried out.. What happens to us can be summed up in a single sentence: Argentina, a country that is moving backwards.


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