One person died in the stadium during Querétaro vs Chivas women

(Foto: Twitter/@GallosFemenil)

Fatal news captured the spotlight of the Liga MX Femenil in the match corresponding to matchday 6 of Grita México Clausura 2022. While the clash between the Club Querétaro Femenil and the Chivas of Club Deportivo Guadalajara, a person lost his life in the stands of the Olympic Stadium in the state capital. The news was confirmed by the local team, as well as the organizing authorities of the tournament.

Through a joint statement, Club Querétaro and Liga MX Femenil lamented the death of the person. Similarly, They confirmed that the death was due to a heart attack. who was treated immediately in the Stadium’s grandstand.

“By vanishing, the person immediately received medical attention, in accordance with health protocols, both in the stands and in the ambulance inside the stadium with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and external defibrillator. In addition, the advanced medical unit of the state of Querétaro was requested to reinforce care”, reads the document issued by the institutions.

(Foto: Twitter/@LigaBBVAMX)
(Foto: Twitter/@LigaBBVAMX)

Although the visiting team did not issue any official statement about what happened in the stands, they responded to the publication made from the verified profile of @GallosFemenil on Twitter. “We join in the sorrow of such an unfortunate event and send our deepest condolences to their families”, is read in the text spread through the profile of @ChivasFemenil.

According to local media reports, the person began to report discomfort when the match was barely developing in its first minutes. Moments later, he vanished, so his companions requested the support of the paramedics at the scene. After checking his health status, the staff transferred him to the ambulance assigned for the game, where received CPR for 30 minutes, about. However, he no longer regained vital signs.

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