From the hand of Coscu, Planeta Gol will return with a program on Twitch

In December it was announced that planet goal, one of the most recognized and iconic programs on Argentine television, had come to an end. But the content became such a strong reference that the reaction on social networks was mainly sadness. One of those who showed his disappointment with the news was Coscu, which at the time suggested they keep doing it on Twitch. This week the confirmation of the return of the program arrived and today its historical conductors reaffirmed it.

“Thank you phenomenon. You are the idol of my daughters!! You have to advise us haaa”, he had told him Fernando Lavecchia to the streamer who proposed to continue streaming when the cancellation was known. Paul Gonzalez He joined that conversation and said “We put it together”, before a user who encouraged them all to share a transmission. Today, through a video posted on Twitter, the two drivers anticipated their return.

“Did you miss them? I’m going to put them back together. Get ready, we won’t say anything else because it gets complicated, but get ready because it’s going to bite,” said Coscu. Although they did not reveal a date or more precise information about what the new program will be like, they did promise that more will be known soon.

The announcement came through Coscu’s social networks

“I clarify that I am only lending a hand with the organization, I am not going to play any role. The program belongs to Pablo and Fer, I’m just the cable that unites all the magic. This Saturday we will probably have the final meeting, so suggestions and recommendations are accepted”, Coscu had said a few days ago, also clarifying what his role in the content will be.


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