César Vallejo and Cienciano drew goalless

C. Vallejo and Cienciano failed to open the scoring in the match corresponding to date 1, played this Friday at the Videna FPF stadium.

César Vallejo’s midfielder Jersson Vásquez squandered the opportunity to open the scoring and take the lead by missing a penalty kick in the 76th minute of the second half.

The figure of the meeting was Miguel Vargas. The goalkeeper from Cienciano had a great performance against César Vallejo because he saved 6 shots.

Another of the key footballers at the Videna FPF stadium was Carlos Grados. César Vallejo’s goalkeeper had a great performance against Cienciano because he saved 2 shots.

It was a game with many fouls and numerous interruptions. There was a large number of cautioned: Jorge Rios, Jack Durán, Nicolás Rinaldi, Carlos Ascues, Carlos Beltrán and Paolo Fuentes.

C. Vallejo’s coach, José Del Solar, arranged a 3-6-1 formation on the field with Carlos Grados in goal; Leandro Fleitas, Renzo Garcés and Juan Quiñones in the defensive line; Stalin Morillo, Carlos Ascues, Jorge Rios, Jersson Vásquez, Jairo Vélez and Osnar Noronha in the middle; and Abdiel Arroyo in attack.

For their part, those led by Gerardo Ameli stood with a 4-3-3 strategy with Miguel Vargas under the three sticks; Erick Perleche, Paolo Fuentes, Luciano Recalde and Ayrthon Quintana in defense; Emanuel Ibáñez, Carlos Beltrán and Nicolás Rinaldi in midfield; and Jack Durán, Adrián Ugarriza and Kevin Sandoval up front.

The appointed referee for the match was Alexander Blas.

C. Vallejo will visit ADT de Tarma on the next day, while Cienciano will host Deportivo Municipal at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium.

Note and image source: DataFactory


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