After publishing her resume to get a boyfriend, Jimena Barón would be vacationing with an ex

Jimena Baron (Instagram)

“I’m pretty sick of being alone”, had written Jimena Baron in mid-January, in the middle of his trip through Europe. At that time, the singer was with her son Morrison in Spain and shared a WhatsApp chat in which, aware of her presence in Madrid, a candidate invited her “for a drink”. But that, after she explained that she was with the little one and that, in any case, the three of them could have dinner together, he ended up looking for excuses to reject the plan. “Give me notice when I finish something I have to do and we’ll see,” replied the subject in question.

As a result of this fact, the former jury of The ShowMatch Academy He decided to publish an extensive resume to see if, finally, he could find a partner up to the occasion. In it he warned that in May of this year he turns 35 and that he has a 7-year-old son with whom he spends most of his time. He also referred to his economic situation and detailed “I’m doing well thank God, I don’t need money, I buy my own bags and everything that makes me happy. If the other does better than me, it gives me a lot of joy and I want the same thing the other way around”.

When talking about a possible long-term relationship, he clarified his position. “I’m not jealous, nor stupid. I don’t check things, no one checks me. I do not aspire to coexistence. If it happens, I bet on separate rooms and bathrooms, “he said. And he referred to a possible wedding: “I do not dream of getting married, if it is very important, I would not refuse.” Finally, regarding the routine of his daily life, he listed: “I like to get up early, train, eat healthy and give it to me once a week, put it on. Fissure is not a state I like. I am much more structured than I seem, and much less crazy”.

The photos of Jimena Barón that indicate that she is accompanied
The photos of Jimena Barón that indicate that she is accompanied

The truth is that, back in Argentina, Jimena seems to have been reunited with neither more nor less than Mr. Habano. The man in question is none other than Matías Palleiro, with whom the singer had begun to whiten her romance at the end of last year. But, given the public statements he made alluding to his loneliness and lack of love, everything indicated that the relationship had ended with the beginning of 2022. However, these days both began to give indications that the story continues standing.

To begin with, Jimena posted a series of photos on a beach in which her son no longer appears. But in one of them you can see the legs of a gentleman who is by her side while she sunbathes. In another, meanwhile, you can see the man walking backwards along a path. And in another of the many postcards, you can see the same sunset taken from a cliff that, coincidentally, Palleiro published from his stories. The boy also uploaded a photo of himself posing in front of the sea in which he put “Chapadmadal” as the location.

The landscape published by Jimena Barón and Matías Palleiro and the story of the boy on the beach
The landscape published by Jimena Barón and Matías Palleiro and the story of the boy on the beach

Jimena and Matías had shared a romantic escapade in November, when she was absent for a few days from the program hosted by Marcelo Tinelli and gave the explanations of the case. “I had a great time, a much needed few days. What I did the most was rest, any mother who is with her son all day understands me, because they know that the boys are always: ‘Mom this, mom that’. So it was all very nice, I slept a nap, which never happens, “he said at first. And, when asked if Palleiro had been her travel companion, Barón agreed: “Well accompanied, everything goes very well”.


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