They already play in Félix Capriles, Universitario de Vinto vs Real Tomayapo

Probable Formation of University of Vinto

The team led by Marcelo Claros poses its game with a 4-2-3 formation with Juan Carlos Robles in goal; Oscar Vaca, Hallysson Padilha, Julio Vila and Álvaro Cuestas in defense; Erick Cano and Ramiro Mamani in the middle; and Yerco Vallejos, Andrés Llano and Roy Ndoutoumo up front.

Likely formation of Real Tomayapo

For their part, those led by stand on the court with a strategy 1- with Pedro Galindo under the three sticks; Luis Maldonado in defense; in the middle of the court; and in the front.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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