These are the vaccination points against covid-19 in Bogotá for Friday, February 4

Two people receive the covid-19 vaccine in Bogotá (Colombia), in a file photograph. EFE/Carlos Ortega

For this Friday, February 4, the health authorities of the Colombian capital announced that there will be several vaccination points in the city for people who want to be immunized against covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus sars-cov-2.

City health authorities insisting that city dwellers get vaccinated and complete their schedules to prevent them from getting the new disease that has been shown to be deadly in unimmunized people.

The district health authority announced last week that the National government began to send them new doses of AstraZeneca, which had been depleted, and the batches of Janssen and Sinovac were reinforced. However, they noted that they are waiting for more vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna to be sent to them.

Of the latter, they indicated that they will prioritize those of Pfizer for pregnant women and second doses. While those of Moderna will be used to complete the schematics, and for teenage students heading back to class.

The sites where the doses will be applied from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon will be:

In the north of the city:

– Santafe shopping center

– Niza Boulevard Shopping Center

– Cafam Floresta shopping center

– Parque Colina Shopping Center

– Hacienda Santa Barbara shopping center

– Sanitas Toberin

– Chile Avenue Shopping Center

In the west:

– El Eden Shopping Center

– Portal 80 shopping center

– Hayuelos shopping center

– Dorado Plaza shopping center

-El Dorado International Airport

-Imperial Plaza Shopping Center

– Our Bogotá shopping center

– Tibabuyes Coliseum

– Salitre Transport Terminal

– Titan Plaza shopping center

– Compensate for Carrera 68 avenue

– Corferias Parking tower

– Craftsmen’s Square

– Marquee in the Gran Estación shopping center

In the middle:

– Mall Plaza shopping center

– Galleries shopping center

– Sanitas Zona In

– San Andresito de San José (Until 4 pm)

– 13th Street Supercade

– Supercade of the District Attention Center (CAD)

In the south:

– Plaza de las Americas shopping center

– Paseo Villa del Rio shopping center

– Centro Mayor shopping center

– El Tintal Library

– Cayetano Cañizares Coliseum (Until 5 pm)

– El Tunal Coliseum (from 7 am to 4 pm)

– Molinos II Coliseum

– Palestine Coliseum

– South Terminal

– Bosa Supercade

– Supercade Handyman in Ciudad Bolívar

Health workers carry out tests for covid-19 in front of the Kennedy hospital in Bogotá (Colombia).  EFE/ Carlos Ortega/File
Health workers carry out tests for covid-19 in front of the Kennedy hospital in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE/ Carlos Ortega/File

The Ministry of Health also announced the sites where free tests will be carried out to determine if you have covid-19 where they serve from 9 am and while supplies last. The points are:

In the south of Bogota:

– Los Fundadores Park (South 19th Street # 12-24)

– Field of the Moralba neighborhood park (Carrera 16 A Este # 42 C-71 Sur)

– Park of the Villa Javier urbanization (8th Street A South # 5 A-23)

– El Cedral urbanization park (152 street # 9-94)

– Santa Lucía Development Park (diagonal 73 A South with Carrera 82 G)

– La Azucena Community Hall (Carrera 77 J # 65 D-68 Sur)

– Neighborhood park of the Ciudad Galán neighborhood (Calle 40 Sur with Carrera 96)

– Bosque Tayrona complex (street 56 South with 81 J)

In the west of Bogotá:

– Quirigua commercial bay (calle 90 # 89 A-00)

– La Clarita I urbanization park (71st street # 81 A-60)

– El Trébol urbanization park (career 69 A # 63 F-30)

– Berlin neighborhood park in Suba (139th Street # 145-84)

– Los Comuneros urbanization park (Carrera 112 # 141 A-29)

– Colonia Oriental Community Hall (4th Street A # 51 A-90)

– Villa Nueva neighborhood (Carreer 68 I with 39 D South)

– In front of the Tunal hospital (Carrera 20 Bis # 47B-99 Sur)

– In front of the Altavista shopping center (Carrera 13 # 65 C-58 Sur)

– In front of the Primax de La Estancia (avenida calle 57 R Sur # 75-21)

– USS El Carmen (Street 48 A South # 28-95)

– Next to the USS San Isidro (Carrera 76 B # 69 A-42 South)

– In front of the CAI in La Joya neighborhood (Carrera 18 B Bis # 80-11 Sur)

In the center of Bogota:

– La Perseverancia neighborhood park (race 4ª A Bis # 32-16)

– Square of the Urban Development Institute (IDU). (22nd Street #6-27)

– La Concordia Community House (12 D Street # 3-22)

In the north of Bogota:

– El Cedral urbanization park (152 street # 9-94)


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