The keynote of this year’s activities by the Korean Federation of Trade Unions is “Intervention and checks through solidarity”

The Korean Federation of Trade Unions (FKTU) will strengthen its external activities with the policy of ‘intervention and checks through solidarity’ as the main activity for this year.

The Federation of Korean Trade Unions announced on the 3rd that “This year’s regular delegates’ meeting will be held online for two days on the 23rd and 24th, and the business plan will be deliberated and decided.” The executive department submits a business plan to the regular battalion to strengthen social solidarity activities to resolve social polarization.

In order to settle the activities of the Korea Platform Freelance Labor Mutual Aid Association, which was launched last year, human and material resources will be secured, and the Labor Chamber will be institutionalized based on the activities of the Mutual Aid Association. The ‘5·1 Plan Movement’ will also continue, such as the full application of the Labor Standards Act for workplaces with fewer than 5 workers, the guarantee of retirement benefits for workers with less than one year of service, the expansion of social insurance coverage for platform and freelance workers, and the guarantee of the right to unionize.

They decided to intervene from the stage of the Presidential Transition Committee so that the demands of the Confederation of Trade Unions can be reflected in the new government’s policy formulation and state affairs. We work together with civic and social groups to highlight agendas such as pension reform, economic democratization, and strengthening of medical insurance.

In terms of labor issues, he said that he would solve six tasks. In order to respond to the diversification of employment types, we demand the introduction of a labor and social protection system for all working people and that the primary employer be held accountable to the employer under the Labor Relations Act. Reduction of real working hours, occupational safety, implementation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) basic agreement, extension of the retirement age and pension reform were also identified as major tasks.

Such a business plan is proposed as a regular battalion agenda through the Central Executive Committee on the 10th. Regular battalions will be held online.

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