Provisional agreement on collective wage bargaining for school non-regular workers

The collective wage negotiations for school non-regular workers, which have been over a year, have been completed.

According to the solidarity meeting, the Ministry of Education, and 17 metropolitan/provincial offices of education, tentatively agreed to negotiate wages for 2021 at the Jeonnam Office of Education on the 28th of last month, according to the Solidarity Meeting for School Non-regular Workers consisting of the Public Transport Union’s Educational Officials Headquarters, the National Women’s Union, and the School Non-regular Workers’ Union on the 3rd. . At the 14th round of negotiations, which lasted for 3 days and 2 nights, starting on the 26th, it is understood that they will reach an agreement by making concessions one step at a time in the consensus not to pass the Lunar New Year.

The contents of the provisional agreement include △a flat rate increase of 28,000 won in basic salary (same as Type 1 and Type 2) △ Increase in service allowance per year of service from 35,000 won to 39,000 won (expanded by 4,000 won) △ Upper limit for continuous service allowance of 20 Expanded from 2011 to 21 years △The holiday bonus is increased by 200,000 won. In addition, in the case of occupations that receive customized welfare expenses, the health check-up fee will be paid in the same way as public officials. Details of the agreement by region and occupation were not disclosed.

According to the solidarity meeting, next week, each union will hold a vote for or against union members. A specific signing ceremony schedule has not been set.

After the first main negotiations with 17 metropolitan/provincial offices of education in August of last year, the solidarity meeting could not resolve their differences and went on strike on the 20th of the same month after the negotiations broke down in October of the same year. The second strike was held on December 2nd of the same year, as the negotiations showed no sign of resolution. After the first strike, the solidarity meeting, which held tent demonstrations in 17 city and provincial education offices by branch, stopped the demonstrations with a tentative agreement on the 28th of last month.

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