Mini-job limit 2022: When will the increase take place?

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From: Andrea Stettner

According to the plans of the traffic light government, the earnings limit for mini-jobbers is to rise in 2022. Federal Minister of Labor Heil now gives a date for the increase.

The year 2022 has all sorts of innovations in store for mini-jobbers. As of January 1, 2022, the minimum wage rose to EUR 9.82 per hour before it is scheduled to rise to EUR 10.45 from July 1. Already for October should then increase the Minimum wage to 12 euros take place, as the traffic light coalition recently revealed*.

The earnings limit for mini-jobs is set to rise in 2022. © Shotshop/Imago

Mini job: Earnings limit will increase on October 1, 2022

In the course of the minimum wage increase, the upper earnings limit for mini-jobbers is now also being adjusted: The Mini-job limit increases on October 1st from previously 450 euros to 520 euros per month. This was announced by Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil to the newspapers of the New Berlin Editorial Company (Saturday). “That’s how it was agreed in the coalition – and that’s how we do it,” said the SPD politician, according to a report by the German Press Agency (dpa). Also the upper limit for the so-called Midijobs is to increase from the current 1,300 euros by October 1st 1.600 Euro rise, so salvation.

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Mini-job limit should be based on a weekly working time of 10 hours

In the future, the mini-job limit should be at one Working week of 10 hours at minimum wage conditions according to the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP.

Increasing the mini-job earnings limit is also met with criticism

However, the planned increase in the earnings limit is also met with criticism: trade unions and left-wing politicians warn, for example, that the increase to 520 euros poses a risk that mini-jobs will be lost more and more regular jobs displaced, it says in another dpa report. In addition, mini-jobs would lead straight to poverty in old age due to the lack of entitlements to pension and unemployment insurance. Instead, the left and unions advocate employment subject to social security contributions from the first euro. Incidentally, the trainees can also look forward to a higher training allowance in 2022 – but not all of them. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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