„I only want the real shit“

“I’m a toilet and not a garbage can”: With an animated Music video Berliner Wasserbetriebe call on people not to throw rubbish in the toilets. “I only want the real shit” is the name of the company’s song released on Thursday. In the video for the song, a toilet with a male voice and one with a female voice draws attention to what is flushed down the toilet by the kilo every day, but does not belong there.

In addition to hygiene items such as diapers, cotton swabs, tampons or condoms, there are also leftovers, medicines or other chemicals. The garbage clogs house pipes and the sewage system, puts pumps out of operation and leads to disruptions in the sewage treatment plants. The pollutants would have to be removed from the wastewater at great expense. The effort can be easily avoided: “No rubbish in the toilet!”, says the water company. (dpa/hp)


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