Enrique Peñalosa confronted Alejandro Gaviria for saying that “the Police dedicated themselves to screwing people”

Enrique Peñalosa goes against Alejandro Gaviria for criticizing the Police. Photos: Colprensa.

Even if in dialogue with Infobae Colombia the former mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Penalosa he had thrown flowers at his possible opponent at the polls, Alexander Gaviria, In the last hours he launched a harsh criticism due to the perception that the former minister has of the National Police.

Everything happened after Gaviria responded to an interview about how he evaluated the management of the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López. There, the member of the Hope Center Coalition did not criticize the president but took the opportunity to question the public force.

“I think there are serious security problems in Bogotá. Not everything is the fault of the mayor, but I think that coordination between the Mayor’s Office and the Police has not worked as it should, perhaps “, Alejandro Gaviria expressed to the station’s microphones Radius snail.

In addition, the former rector of the Universidad de Los Andes assured that he considers that “The entire justice system in Colombia from the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, is overwhelmed” and that is why he promised that if he beats his colleagues in the March consultation and comes to power in May, he will carry out a “reform of justice” that will focus “on high-impact crimes, which interest people,” he added.

In that section, it was where he was speared against the Metropolitan Police of the capital, which he accuses of having screwed up the lives of citizens since the pandemic began.

“The Police, during the pandemic, and this is a criticism that perhaps I can make in Bogotá, dedicated themselves to screwing people over. People were losing trust in the Police and what happened in 2020, 2021, was further undermining that trust,” criticized Alejandro Gaviria.

He even dared to question the uniformed men for admonishing people for crimes that for him are minor, such as drinking liquor and smoking marijuana in a park. “Why screw a guy who’s having a beer in a park? or why the hell, I’m going to say it in a more provocative way, to a boy who is smoking a joint in a park”, He asserted, in turn, that he stated the tasks that he considers that institution should carry out in the country.

“The police are not for that. It is there to combat criminal organizations. It’s there to follow the trail of money. It is there to benefit the people.” mentioned the candidate.

To these comments, the former mayor Enrique Peñalosa, today a candidate for the Team for Colombia, He did not hesitate to react and asked Alejandro Gaviria to be more respectful of the Police. He even questioned his successor in the Mayor’s Office, Claudia López, whom he blamed for sending the uniformed men.

“Amazing disrespect towards the Police, who only did what they were ordered. Whatever they have done, it was by order of the Mayor’s Office. Alejandro, I suppose that when he needs a policeman, he will be more respectful”, criticized the candidate of the Partido de La U.

Penalosa / Twitter
Penalosa / Twitter

For now, Gaviria has not responded, however, it is worth remembering that Peñalosa had been in agreement with the government program proposed by the former head of the Ministry of Health in the government of Juan Manuel Santos.

Remember that this week Gaviria He made his candidacy official before the National Registry of Civil Status. In the company of several of his collaborators, the former minister in the previous government signed the document that will allow you to compete in the March 13 consultation along with his colleagues from the Centro Esperanza Coalition.

It should be remembered that Gaviria does not have the endorsement of any political party because it was presented as independent by collecting more than 1.2 million signatures, which it delivered at the end of 2021, and which were endorsed at the beginning of January of this year.


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