The racist, homophobic and anti-left phrases of the new Minister of Culture, Alejandro Salas

Alejandro Salas, the new Minister of Culture, deleted his Twitter account in the face of criticism. Photo: Ministry of Culture

In theory, the government of the president peter castle it is from the left. However, in addition to putting premier to a defendant for physical assault, has also put in the Culture portfolio Alexander Salas, who has posts in 2015 and 2016 on Twitter with racist, homophobic phrases and against a leftist government. Your account is currently disabled.

Salas was appointed to replace Giselle Ortiz after establishing the resignation of former Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez. He studied Law at the San Martín de Porres University (USMP), has a master’s degree in Public Management at the Center for Higher National Studies (CAEN) and another in Constitutional Law at the Federico Villareal National University (UNFV). He was a candidate for the Congress of the Republic for the Somos Perú party, but did not obtain the necessary votes for a seat.

Among the racist tweets and against a leftist government that were found, some phrases stand out such as “Chilean, compadre, your mother’s court, Araucanian and the p… that gave birth to you”, “creating politicians with values, not crafty politicians like the Chinese, the fat one, the cholo and now the pisao” The “The left should not exist, the left ends when other people’s money ends”.

The LGBTI community did not escape its homophobic expressions either: “That they buy their goods jointly, do not camouflage gay marriage.”

Alexander Salas also has words against the Peruvian left, although Pedro Castillo is a leftist trend. Thus, the new Minister of Culture has expressions on the former presidential candidate Veronika Mendoza, accusing her of being a terrorist.

“His team is also made up of people from Movadef, the legal arm of the Shining Path, that is what he called in his work ‘The new path’, a communist government wanting to disguise itself as liberal, as dangerous for the country as Verónika Mendoza”, reads a tweet from 2020.


Through his Twitter account, Alexander Salas He denied all the racist, homophobic and anti-left Peruvian phrases that he had written on the microblogging network.

“I respect criticism when it is real and constructive. During the last hours false publications of xenophobia and racism have been attributed to me, scourges that I strongly reject and against which I will fight during my tenure in the Ministry of Culture, the ministry of all “, wrote.

A few hours later, the account Alejandro Salas was deactivated and the Ministry of Culture issued a statement to indicate that with regard to the functions of the new minister of that sector, it will be done through its channels.

“We inform the public that the activities of the function of Minister of State, which Alejandro Antonio Salas Zegarra exercises, will be communicated exclusively through this official account”, they explained.

“I reaffirm my commitment to work for the promotion and protection of our culture and its heritage, in addition to policies for our indigenous peoples, a commission entrusted by the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo,” they wrote.

Users on Twitter responded with the screenshots of Alejandro Salas that have gone viral on social networks and others compared it to Julieta Brodsky, the Minister of Culture of the elected Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, who is an anthropologist and has worked on cultural policies in her country.

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