Sheyla Rojas makes fun of Pedro Moral and explains why she did not call him to congratulate him on his wedding

Sheyla Rojas congratulates Pedro Moral on his wedding in a particular way. (Photo: Instagram)

The former TV host Sheyla Rojas noted that he thanks Pedro Moral everything that lived with him, and that he did know that he married in a big way. However, he did not call him to congratulate him. Through an interview for Magaly Medina, the young woman gave her particular reason.

The young woman contacted the journalist from Mexico to tell details of her relationship with her boyfriend Luis Miguel Galarza, known as Sir Winston, with whom she was fighting after finding a compromising conversation where called “my Queen” oh another woman.

Sheyla Rojas indicated that everything was an exaggeration on her part, and after having a serious conversation her problems were solved. In addition, he noted that have the desire to marry and have children with him, but she won’t wait long for him to give her the ring.


At another time, Magaly Medina spoke to him about Pedro Moral and his recent marriage to Fabiola Garavito. The young woman pointed out that she did know but decided not to call him for a reason.

“I have a lot to thank him for more than they have said whatever. I am very grateful for what I lived with him, the experiences and the learning that he left me and the fame too “Sheyla said between laughs.

Immediately, the journalist told her that her ex-partner had a wedding in style. “He had a wedding where he spent his little money, the wedding was not so bad. It had an orchestra, a beautiful decoration, it was in a club, it had guests. It wasn’t just a wedding.”Magaly said.

“It was not a Moral wedding”, Sheyla limited, causing laughter in the study.

“I saw it and Antonio told me too, the truth is that I wish him all the happiness in the world… If I called him? What am I going to call him, you want me to traumatize him more than what was left, he got married and that’s good “Rojas pointed out between laughs.

As recalled, Sheyla Rojas and Pedro Moral planned to marry on May 4, 2019. However, the relationship ended very badly, to the point that the young man called her interested.

“I explain to you that for some people not being a millionaire is being a missionary, for me I am a normal, ordinary person, I am not a millionaire”, expressed Pedro Moral to Beto Ortiz in 2019, when he participated in El Valor de la Verdad.


In an edition of Amor y Fuego, in the month of September 2021, Sheyla Rojas gave details of her relationship with Pedro Moral, clarifying that she was never in love with him.

“I was very excited, I can’t say in love because I realize I was never in love with him. I didn’t get married because he couldn’t give me the dream wedding. I didn’t marry him (Pedro Moral) because I wasn’t in love with him, period.”Sheila pointed out.


Sheyla Rojas gave details of her short breakup and reconciliation with her boyfriend, with whom she is living again.

“Look, it shocks me that my boyfriend tells another woman: ‘my queen’. The only queen of this house and of her life is me, so, perhaps, I took it the wrong way, because I don’t like those things.”, indicated the former TV host, who received a quick response from the journalist.

Magaly was upset with this explanation and asked if it was just that reason, or if she was blaming herself for everything because she was ashamed to tell what really happened.

Given this, the young woman pointed out that it is as she was telling it, recognizing that it is exaggerated. Although he did accept that for this fight to take place, the two failed.

Sheyla Rojas confessed that she misinterpreted the conversations she found on Sir Winston’s cell phone, where she called other women ‘my queen’.


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