Poisoned cocaine and the triple crime of Rosario: the lowest level of narco infamy in Argentina

Magenta: the drug seized from the “El Paisa” gang.

The sale of cocaine is the vector of everything miserable in the Argentine underworld. There is nothing more vile than being a transa.

maybe, changed the way of being transa.

In a span of five days, the drug trafficking mafia of Rosario Y the lumpen drug trafficking of the Buenos Aires villas, the most violent and recognizable fronts of the national drug business, broke their historical floor of contempt for human life. The first, with the massacre of an entire family, father, mother and one-year-old daughter. The second, literally selling poison to his customers to put up their noses, a move that turned the act of go hit falopa to the villa that crosses all social classes in the province in an epidemiological alert with 20 deaths and 49 hospitalized.

Something changed? No. Things in the underworld just ran their course. It was always very tempting to talk about a colombianization of crime in the country, of a mexicanization, seeing things getting a little more extreme, but the logic behind it all is purely Argentine: these horrible worlds of crime they always dared a little more just because they were allowed, or because they were not fought with enough common sense. The state fantasy of calling a precarious ranch a drug trafficking bunker occupied by dealers and then demolishing it with a bulldozer was never useful, because the dealers will go to the ranch next door, they will take a neighbor’s house by force, build another, or they will go to the next neighborhood. That ranch has to be filled with something.

breeze and "Pinky", symbol of the shameless narco in Rosario.
Brisa and “Pinky”, symbol of the shameless narco in Rosario.

The late prosecutor Jorge Di Lello had the pioneering idea to fill those bunkers in Villa 31 with social work and with ideas so that they don’t occupy them again, to give something to the neighborhood as well. It worked, in part. Villa 31 he saw his most feared bosses fall, such as César Morán de la Cruz or “Ruti” Mariños, his power was frosted thanks to causes and arrests and raids. The Retiro settlement had a drop in its drug crime rate, although the violence could never be completely eradicated, because what matters is the territory, and sometimes the territory can be uncontrollable. There are other more dramatic examples of this logic of arriving and colonizing, like that of “Dumbo” Maylli Moreno, raised in the dealer world of Bajo Flores, in the band of “Marcos” Estrada González, the historic lord of the area. “Dumbo” took over an entire neighborhood with his guns and underage transas. Justice has been looking for him for more than six months. He remains a fugitive to this day.

“Dumbo” won basically because He saw a territory without a master, without control, and took it as the drug traffickers take it: with a gun, with terror and with powdered product. “If they know you’re there, the addicts,” says a history of the business, “come alone.”

Corridor: view of Gate 8. (Adrián Escandar)
Corridor: view of Gate 8. (Adrián Escandar)

Rosario’s triple crime was the disaster after the crescendo. Maximiliano Pullaro, former Minister of Security of the province, used to say during his tenure that Los Monos were a finished phenomenon, but “Guille” Cantero, one of his bosses, sentenced to 22 years in prison for threatening judges among many other sentences for which he adds more than a century in prison, was investigated for running the organization directly from a landline telephone in his Marcos Paz cell. His nephew, Uriel Luciano, an 18-year-old adolescent armed with a FAL rifle, was arrested for being the head of a gang of extortionists. Lorena Verdún, Luciano’s mother, convicted and prosecuted for drug trafficking and washerwoman, fell with the boy and had the nerve to threaten prosecutor Matías Edery in an impeachment hearing.

The triple crime that cost the lives of the alleged trafficker Iván Giménez, his wife Érica and their daughter Elena, It happened at a bizarre wedding, literally the narco wedding of the year in Santa Fe. Brisa Leguizamón and “Pinky” Rocha were, according to the accusation against them, two mid-level transas of the gang of Olga “La Tata” Medina, a boss of so many in Rosario, duchess of the northern area of ​​the outskirts of the city , which would have agreed agreements with Los Monos. Close associates of the Cantero clan were among the guests. Brisa and “Pinky” charged social plans a few years ago, she never had a blank job and he, on paper, works for a gear factory, but they rented a mega ballroom and hired a famous singer, with a Porsche parked in the church. Brisa, to make matters worse, had house arrest. Disregard for human life is inseparable from disregard for the law.

Thus, they annihilated the Giménez. In Rosario pregnant women are killed, babies are killed on purpose by mistake, adolescents are killed, but never had a whole family been like this.

"the country" Aquino, suspected of being the owner of the drug from Puerta 8.
“El Paisa” Aquino, suspected of being the owner of the drug from Puerta 8.

Back at Gate 8, some connoisseurs of the area speak of an alleged internal killer, a war between traffickers, turned deadly between “El Rengo” Pacheco and “Mameluco” Villalba, great capos of the zone, today imprisoned. There was also talk of a third player, another imprisoned trafficker named Max Alí Alegre, alias “Alicho”, whose name arises in the investigation for the mafia crime of the police Ricardo González, murdered in Loma Hermosa in July of last year.

Today, “El Paisa” Aquino, born in Paraguay, another old trafficker from San Martín, was arrested by the Directorate Against Organized Crime of the Buenos Aires Police in José C. Paz, suspected of being the alleged owner of the drug from Puerta 8. An investigation by the Buenos Aires province, which was presented by PROCUNAR to the federal Justice, linked him precisely to the “Alicho” gang as regent of several settlements of the jurisdiction of San Martin. Sources in this cause disbelieve in the theory of the poisoned drug to ruin the rival’s business. “You are not going to stay with clients like this. Besides, it is easier to go and shoot them shit than to poison their mouths”says, in Creole, a senior detective.

“El Paisa” had been on the run since 2020 for being a rebel in another cause, with an arrest warrant. The investigation against him by the Bonaerense and PROCUNAR for his new adventures was presented to the federal Justice on November 9, 2021. Aquino was arrested this morning, after 20 deaths in the morgue.

There is no finish.


They arrested “El Paisa”, the suspect of being the owner of the poisoned cocaine at Puerta 8


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