More than 12 hours handcuffed in the kitchen: this is how they took “El Paisa”, suspected of being the owner of the poisoned drug

This is how they took “El Paisa” detained (Franco Fafasuli)

The residents of Chile at 600, in the Calabaza neighborhood of José C. Paz, did not know him but they did not miss the opportunity to see everything that was happening on his block, where GAD agents guarded the facade of one of the properties. He had been living there for about 4 months and that is why they did not know who the suspect was, they found out through the media: it was Joaquin “El Paisa” Aquino, born in Paraguay in 1988.

Since 4, the Buenos Aires Police had detained “El Paisa”, 33 years old, in the kitchen of his house in José C. Paz, 12 hours and a few minutes later, he was taken away in handcuffs. He is suspected of being the owner of the poisoned cocaine that killed at least 23 people and left more than 80 hospitalized, 20 in serious condition.

“Transa, transa”, his neighbors yelled at him when they took him out of his house. Applause was heard in the background. The police made a corridor from the door of the property to that of the gray van, in which They brought him up handcuffed, with a helmet and bulletproof vest. He was not the only one who was taken away by the agents of the Bonaerense with handcuffs on. Aquino’s wife was also arrested.

When the police entered the house of “El Paisa”, the suspect was in bed watching tv with his pregnant wife. they found one Glock pistol with the numbers filed off and material for five thousand doses of cocaine. He did not fall alone, part of his gang was also arrested: seven in total in other simultaneous operations by order of the judge Juan Manuel Culotta and prosecutor Paul Starc on the third of February.

Chile to 600 in José C. Paz, where he lived "the country"
Chile at 600 in José C. Paz, where “El Paisa” lived

“El Paisa”, linked to Max Alí Alegre, alias “Alicho”, whose name appears in the case for the brutal hitman murder of a Federal Police inspector, had a pending arrest warrant, as Infobae was able to confirm: he enjoyed a release granted under sworn bond in a case initiated in 2018, brought to trial at Federal Court No. 1 of San Martín, was free of speech. By not appearing in court, he was declared a rebel in mid-2020.

Not here was on the radar of the federal Justice at least since last November 9, when the PROCUNAR -the wing of the Prosecutor’s Office dedicated to investigating drug trafficking crimes- presented a preliminary investigation in the Federal Justice with information provided by Organized Crime of the Bonaerense after extensive field work.

According to data from the file you accessed Infobae, Aquino, explicitly mentioned in the proceedings brought before the Justice, he would be in charge of the collection of the band, a shifting dealer that he changed his address quickly, staying with his partner’s family, mainly at Villa Loyola.

"the country", arrested
“El Paisa”, arrested

The truth is that the current investigation against “El Paisa” is oriented to determine if the drug ingested by the victims and the one kidnapped in the possession of “El Paisa”, which presented similar packages and were sold in the Puerta 8 settlement, coincide in terms of their compositionspokesmen explained.

For now, he is pointed out by the authorities of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security as the person who could have prepared and sold the adulterated cocaine.

This morning, the Secretary of Criminal Policy of the Buenos Aires Attorney General, Francisco Pont Verges, explained that two prosecutors are working on the file being carried out by the ordinary justice system for the adulterated drug, and ordered emergency raids in the Loma Hermosa area, basically Puerta 8 and Villa El Gaucho, while in parallel the Federal Justice carried out operations in the case involving “El Paisa”.

“Based on the characteristics of the packages that the victims had in their possession, it is that, when the Puerta 8 village is reached and the raids are carried out, similar packages are seized”, said Pont Verges, adding: “Then, when the second set of raids was carried out, a bag with similar wrapping was also found in the El Gaucho village. Basically, it’s a pink nylon wrapper with substance inside.”

The drug seized at Gate 8
The drug seized at Gate 8

The Secretary of Criminal Policy of the Buenos Aires Attorney said that those pink bags are a “first link” although what we have to wait for is the expertise on the content of all the wrappers to see if they keep some kind of identity. “In principle, it would seem that it is the same batch and the same substance, but this is all preliminary, there is nothing definitive”, he added and assured that what happened is “an unprecedented case”, since there are no records of something similar.


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