Human Rights Commission “Age limit is discriminatory when hiring psychological counseling firefighting and police officers”

– When hiring firefighters and police officers in charge of psychological counseling, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea judged that it is discriminatory to limit the application age to those under 40, as in general occupations.

– The Human Rights Commission announced on the 3rd that it had recommended the Gyeonggi Governor and the Commissioner of the National Police Agency to revise the relevant regulations so that there is no age limit when hiring experienced firefighters and police officers in the psychological counseling field.

– The Gyeonggi Provincial Office and the National Police Agency argued that the age restriction was necessary because there may be cases where you may have to be dispatched to the field while performing psychological counseling, and you may be transferred to a job other than counseling after the compulsory service period is over.

– The Human Rights Commission said, “The period of field service is less than one to two years, which is short compared to the total period of service. pointed out.

Six presidential candidates, will they answer questions about the policy of non-regular workers?

– ‘Stop the 11 million non-regular workers joint struggle’ asked 6 candidates for the 20th presidential election about the policy of non-regular workers.

– On the 3rd, the Joint Struggle for Temporary Workers published a press release to inform this fact.

– Lee Jae-myung (Democratic Party), Yun Seok-yeol (People’s Power), Ahn Cheol-soo (People’s Party), Shim Sang-jung (Justice Party), Kim Jae-yeon (Progressive Party), Lee Baek-yoon (Social Transformation Workers’ Party) We asked about 10 themes of non-regular workers, such as the repeal of the Act on Dispatch Act (Dispatch Act) and the Act on the Protection of Fixed-Term and Part-Time Workers (Fixed-Term Worker Act).

– The question was written based on the 9 demands of irregular workers in 2020 and the voices of the field, who were fired due to COVID-19 and resolved to prevent injuries or deaths from industrial accidents.

– Specific questions included △Enactment of a law prohibiting the use of non-regular workers for regular work △Abolition of the Dispatch Act and the fixed-term system law △Conversion of non-regular workers to regular workers △Special employment, platform, and guarantee of three labor rights for all workers, including migrant workers.

– For questions expressing pros and cons, a clear position was required and the expression “I will review” was prohibited. This is to prevent inappropriate responses.

– I requested an answer by 6 pm on the 12th. I wonder what the presidential candidates will do.

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