Yo Soy, Nueva Generación LIVE via Latina: Follow the minute-by-minute premiere of the children’s competition

Everything you need to know so you don’t miss the imitation competition. (Photo: Instagram)

21:10 Samira Saucedo sings the song “I believe in me”.

21:06 The 14-year-old imitator of Natalia Jiménez enters the competition and decided to challenge Pedrito Fernández, after the advice of the jury.

21:04 The four jurors give their vote to the imitator of Mon Laferte. Pablito Ruiz is eliminated, but promises to return to reality.

21:01 Julián Zucchi remembers his time in “Parchís” and starts dancing “Payasito”.

20:59 The jury comments, highlights both presentations and provides advice for the two impersonators.

Pablito Ruiz and Mon Laferte are the first to face each other.  (Photo: Capture TV)
Pablito Ruiz and Mon Laferte are the first to face each other. (Photo: Capture TV)

20:57 Dayanna Gutiérrez’s mother proud of her daughter. “Very happy and excited for her for all the achievements she is making at her young age (…) I get excited and I get goosebumps”.

20:52 The Mon Laferte impersonator enters the stage and sings “Tormento”.

20:48 The father of the little animator dedicates a few words to his son: “Very excited to see my son as he develops in this artistic world. I wish you much success”.

20:44 The first battle begins. Leonardo Gonzáles opens the stage and dazzles with his participation receiving applause from the jury.

20:34 The Pablito Ruiz impersonator comes to the program to challenge Mon Laferte with the song “Malagueña”.

20:32 They introduce the hallowed child impersonators. Pedrito Fernández, Raúl Romero, Mon Laferte and Manuel Donayre will start the competition.

Jorge Henderson, Janick Maceta, Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi will be the members of the jury.  (Photo: Capture TV)
Jorge Henderson, Janick Maceta, Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi will be the members of the jury. (Photo: Capture TV)

20:31 Drivers Karen Schwarz and Nicolás Galindo entered the set dancing and welcomed the jury made up of Jorge Henderson, Janick Maceta, Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi.

20:30 The new season of I am, New Generation begins!


After a vibrant final that consecrated the imitator of Joseph Feliciano as the winner of I Am: Great Battles International, this Monday January 31 opens I am, New Generation, the imitation program that will gather to talented children from all over Peru who want to personify their favorite singer.

Those in charge of qualifying the participants who arrive to demonstrate all their talent will be Jorge Henderson, Janick Maceta, Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi. . All of them are very excited to be part of the jury that will choose the best.


The imitation reality show in its children’s version arrives this monday january 31 from 2022 to television screens through the Latina signal.


Yo Soy, Nueva Generación premieres this January 31 at 8:30 p.m, by Latin Television. You can also see all the incidents through Infobae.


In this new season, Karen Black will be in charge of hosting the program but this time without Cristian Rivero, who has been hosting the latest Latina realities. Big was the surprise when on January 29 it was revealed that the actor Nicholas Galindo would be the companion of the former beauty queen.

“I am very happy to start this new adventure. Since its premiere 10 years ago I have always been a fan of Yo Soy, in its different versions. And now to be able to accompany THE BEST Karen Schwarz Espinoza in driving and be a direct witness of the enormous talent of the boys and girls”, the driver wrote on his Instagram account.

Karen Schwarz and Nicolás Galindo will be the drivers of this new season.  (Photo: Instagram)
Karen Schwarz and Nicolás Galindo will be the drivers of this new season. (Photo: Instagram)


The new edition of the singing program I am, New Generation He surprised more than one by revealing who would be the new members of the jury as well as the drivers. In its version for children, we tell you who has the difficult task of finding the best child impersonator.


Jorge Henderson Palacios was born on March 28, 1955 and has become a Peruvian radio and television presenter, journalist and producer. He is known for hosting the Enhorabuena program, the first open-signal Peruvian magazine focused on Spanish-speaking musicians.


Janick Alexandra Maceta del Castillo is a renowned 27-year-old model and sound engineer who has worked with personalities such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer López, among other international artists. She became Miss Peru in 2020 and represented the country in Miss Universe 2021, obtaining the position of second runner-up.

Despite not taking home the crown, Janick Maceta became the first Peruvian to enter the Top 5 of the beauty pageant after 63 years.


Yiddá eslava was born on July 23, 1983. She is a Peruvian stand-up comedian, actress, businesswoman, singer and former reality girl for her participation in the well-remembered reality show “Combate”. The 38-year-old artist made it known through an Instagram post that she was diagnosed as autistic. Her young son was also diagnosed with the same condition.


Julián Zucchi is an actor, television host and former reality boy who also participated in Combate. Within the reality show he met Yiddá Eslava and they began a romantic relationship. As a result of their love, their two least children were born. Together with her partner, they have recorded two films and made several stand up comedy presentations.

I am, New Generation: Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi are presented as the new jurors of the competition.


The reality show is broadcast from 8:30 p.m., through the Latina Television signal.

Latin: Channel 2.

Latina by DirecTV Sports: Channel 192 (SD)

Latina on Movistar TV: Channel 102 (SD) and Channel 802 (HD).

Latina on Movistar TV: Channel 2 (SD) and Channel 702 (HD).

Latina by Claro TV: Channel 2.

Latina on Claro TV: Channel 2 (SD) and Channel 502 (HD).

Latina on Best Cable: Channel 2.


To see Yo Soy, Nueva Generación, you just have to access the Latina signal live through the Internet HERE ; or on the Movistar Play, Claro and DirecTV digital platforms.


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