The United States confined all federal prisons for a fight between gangs that left two dead

An overview of a detention center

The federal prison system decreed a confinement of all its facilities on Monday after a fight between rival gangs in a Texas prison that left two inmates dead and two others injured.

As reported by the Bureau of Prisons in a statement, the altercation occurred on Monday morning at the federal prison in Beaumont (Texas) and members of the Salvadoran gang MS-13 participated.

Fearing that this type of altercation would be reproduced in other prisons or that there would be reprisals, the federal prison system (composed of 122 centers in the US) chose to declare a confinement.

Prison in the USA
Prison in the USA

“As an extreme precautionary measure, we have temporarily closed our facilities to guarantee order in our institutions”, they indicated from the government agency.

From the Bureau of Prisons they also indicated that they expect the confinement to have a short duration.

When a prison goes into lockdown, all visits are canceled and prisoners remain in their cells practically all the time, with no exits to exercise areas or other common spaces.

The two inmates who died in Monday’s fight are Andrew Pineda, 34, and Guillermo Riojas, 54.

Last Thursday, the second execution of a prisoner in a US prison of the year took place in the state of Alabama, after the conservative majority in the Supreme Court refused to suspend the implementation of the death penalty.

That day, Matthew Reeves, a 43-year-old African-American man, died after receiving the lethal injection at Holman prison in Alabama, without saying his last words or wanting to eat anything all day.

His defense had tried to stop his execution by arguing that he suffered from an intellectual disability and that they did not give him the necessary help to decide when in 2018 he was given documents that allowed him to change the method by which the death penalty would be applied.

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