The three names that Alberto Fernández analyzes to succeed Máximo Kirchner

Jose Luis Gioja, Leandro Santoro and German Martinez

After almost 5 hours of meeting in the Quinta de Olivos with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, Alberto Fernández was left with three names to occupy the position of the head of the ruling bloc in the Lower House, which Máximo Kirchner resigned from. for disagreeing with the negotiations with the IMF.

According to official sources, the head of state will take until 7:00 p.m., at which time he would announce the name of the replacement for the leader of La Cámpora. In the preview, he will speak with some of the three names that were written down on a blank sheet of paper on his desk at Quinta de Olivos.

At the end of the meeting with Massa, in which Vice President Cristina Kirchner participated through phone calls, The three leaders of the government coalition defined that the election will be between the deputy Germán Martínez from Santa Fe, José Luis Gioja from San Juan and Leandro Santoro from Buenos Aires.

The first is a deputy from Santa Fe who answers to Agustín Rossi, a man who, although not part of the Government, and who lost the internship in his province where the national ruling party supported his competitor, He continues to have a good relationship with Alberto Fernández. In the last days they were reunited.

Máximo Kirchner resigned from the presidency of the block of deputies of the Front of All
Máximo Kirchner resigned from the presidency of the block of deputies of the Front of All

Martínez was not a legislator with much exposure until the treatment of the 2022 Budget law, where he was one of the swords of the ruling party when it came to discussing with the opposition. Peronist and member of “La Corriente”, the line where Rossi, Daniel Filmus and Jorge Taiana are active, as well as former legislators and current national officials.

Like Rossi, he usually shows himself to be “Albertist” and “Christianist” in the same way. A) Yes, while he defended the Budget of Martín Guzmán that La Cámpora rejected, in recent days he was in favor of the march against the Supreme Court. One for the Rosada and one for the Patria.

Regarding the understanding with the Fund, Martínez maintained: “Within the Frente de Todos we can have nuances about yesterday’s agreement with the IMF. But we agree 100% regarding the disaster of the macrista indebtedness and the horrible schedule they signed. The differences are with those who created the problem and not between those of us who seek to solve it”.

Alberto Fernández met with Sergio Massa
Alberto Fernández met with Sergio Massa

In the case of San Juan Gioja, he has an extensive career in Congress in his favor: he was president of the PJ and governor of his province. In addition, in recent days he has been quite active since the beginning of the understanding was announced. Of ascendancy among his peers in the bloc and respected by the opposition, Gioja has already spoken with the president of the Budget and Treasury Commission -the deputy of the Frente de Todos Carlos Heller- about the treatment of the agreement and advanced that, in principle, “the Next week the Economy authorities, headed by their minister Martín Guzmán, will be in Congress”.

Unlike Máximo Kirchner, he praised the agreement with the IMF and the highest officials of the Government, pointing out that “this step had to be taken, which was possible thanks to the intelligence and firmness of the national government, the impeccable work of Alberto and Cristina and of Minister Guzmán and his team, because they have all collaborated in this.”

The other candidate is a man with less experience in the National Congress, since he took office for the first time as a national legislator on December 10. Very well received with President Fernández and with Vice President Kirchner, Leandro Santoro was also favorable to the understanding announced with the credit institution.

According to the Buenos Aires deputy, agreeing with the Fund was a “campaign commitment” that was “fulfilled.” “The commitment was to resolve the debt without applying adjustment plans,” he said. He already added that the Executive agreed with the IMF “a program of macro ordering for growth, without affecting social or development items.”


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