The opposition criticized the Kirchnerist march against the Supreme Court: “Don’t mess around with the institutions”

Opposition referents questioned the mobilization in social networks

As planned, from 6:00 p.m., demonstrators and referents of hard Kirchnerism marched against the Supreme Court in front of the Palace of Courts. Minutes before the mobilization began, however, the opposition criticized the march on social media.

From his Twitter account, Maria Eugenia Vidal He expressed his dissatisfaction with the call. “Don’t fuck with the institutions anymore. ‘Article 1 – The Argentine Nation adopts the federal republican representative form for its government,’ as established by this Constitution, ”wrote the former governor next to an image of the Annotated Constitution of Helio Zarini.

For his part, the national deputy and current president of the Radical Civic Union bloc, Mario Negri He maintained that it is not a citizen’s march, as President Alberto Fernández said, but rather “a violent act to intimidate Justice. To his tweet, he added a statement from the Block of National Deputies of the UCR, which was issued this morning, and which expresses concern about the march.

Kirchnerism wants to symbolically take Justice by storm, which is why it decides to go out into the street to attack the judges of the country’s High Court”. In this sense, they stressed that “it is not in the DNA of this sector of Peronism to respect the division of powers on which the republican system is based.”

For the deputy of Together, Diego Santilli, that the Government accompanies a march against the Supreme Court “is a serious attack on the institutions.” “The division of powers is one of the bases of Democracy. These abuses are worrying and outrageous,” he said from his Twitter account.

“Don’t mess with the institutions anymore,” asked María Eugenia Vidal

Adolfo Rubinstein, former Minister and Secretary of Health during the government of Mauricio Macri, also joined the criticism. “That government officials promote a march against another power of the State is serious, but they only want a Justice that guarantees impunity to their defendants. That this has the endorsement of the President is terrible. After what happened yesterday, who are destituents?” he questioned.

In tune, the deputy and former Minister of the Interior, Roger Frigerio He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the support that the Government gave to the mobilization. “It is very worrying to see how government officials promote the march against the Supreme Court of Justice with the clear intention of conditioning an independent Power of the Republic. We are going to defend the institutions of our country!“, He said.

Maximilian Ferraro, the president of the Civic Coalition, the party led by Elisa Carrió, maintained that it is not a citizen’s march, but “a march of convicted and prosecuted for corruption.” “Their only goal is impunity. A blow of high institutional gravity”, he maintained.

Diego Santilli's tweet
Diego Santilli’s tweet

Days ago, the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CACBA) had also demonstrated against the march promoted by sectors of the national government. The systematic attack on the Judiciary is an obvious demagogic device to sow doubt in the population about whether the judges are independent or not., when what is institutionally correct is that the constitutional mechanisms be exercised to judge -if appropriate- the conduct of these judges who are invoked as unsuitable for the exercise of the magistracy”, said the strongest concept of the letter published last week.

In turn, the Board of Presidents of the National and Federal Chambers of the entire country expressed this noon their strong rejection of the march called for this Tuesday and ratified their “inveterate position against any act that threatens the democratic and republican system of government”. “The constant affronts that the Supreme Court has received through different means are systematically aimed at undermining the jurisdictional function and the independence of the Judiciary, to the exclusive detriment of the administration of justice and the democratic rule of law,” they expressed.


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