Platform for tenant electricity, electromobility, heating cost regulation and Co.


In order to make the complex processes manageable, the Aktif group of companies has created a “Process-as-a-Service” offer with the “AKTIF smart&easy” platform that provides the players in the housing industry with a comprehensive basis for the implementation of energy-specific business models and the mapping of relevant , legal requirements.

As a result, the information obligations that the amendment to the Heating Costs Ordinance (HKVO) imposes on owners towards tenants should also be fulfilled.

Knowledge from the energy industry

“The knowledge we have gathered about the processes in the energy industry over the past 25 years was incorporated into the conception of the platform. In addition, we also looked at the design through the eyes of the real estate industry,” says Lars Ehrler, authorized signatory and head of software and projects at the Aktif group of companies.

Concepts relating to electromobility, tenant electricity including direct marketing or submetering can be supported as required – from data collection and automatic processing of measured values ​​to the necessary market communication, tailor-made billing and bookkeeping to the integration of modern customer loyalty tools such as an app.

Make complexity manageable

According to Erler, there are advantages for customers in the following points: “On the one hand, customers can at any time – and without having to build up the relevant specialist and process know-how in their own ranks through laborious detailed work – with a topic such as tenant electricity or the Start visualization of consumption as part of the monthly information obligations towards tenants along the HKVO. Doors for future expansion stages within the framework of new requirements remain open.”

In addition to synergy advantages and economies of scale, players in the real estate industry have other new opportunities to set up their day-to-day business in a modern and digital way. Ehrler illustrates this with an example: “Once the customer portal is in use, it can also be used for bidirectional interaction with the tenant. They will then be able, for example, to record their meter readings online or to send messages about possible defects or necessary repairs.”

Since the employees in the real estate industry also have access to the information required for their daily tasks via browser, nothing stands in the way of decentralized work scenarios, such as those fueled by the pandemic, according to Aktif.

Also suitable for EVU

As part of a “white label concept”, energy suppliers can also use the service solution to address and retain such target groups. Since the platform goes far beyond the areas of application mentioned, energy suppliers would benefit from additional freedom in their own core business.

Other relevant problems in the day-to-day life of RUs can also be effectively avoided, for example with regard to the billing of bundled customers or PPAs.

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