Pedro Castillo LIVE: follow the swearing-in of the new cabinet from the Government Palace

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This Tuesday, February 1, the President of the Republic, peter castle will take oath to his new Ministerial Cabinet. The country is waiting for who will assume the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to replace Mirtha Vasquez. The media was summoned at 3:30 p.m. according to sources from the Government Palace, but later it was said that the ceremony would start at 5 p.m.. Then the time changed to 5:30 pm The press was in the vicinity of Pizarro’s house early, around 4 pm movement began to be seen in the area.

Alfonso Chávarry Estrada, general director of Citizen Security, who sounds strong as head of the Ministry of the Interior, was seen arriving at the Palace, while Luis Enrique Chávez, current deputy foreign minister who could go to the Foreign Relations portfolio, was also seen.

You can follow the live broadcast here:

Let us remember that after resignation of the former Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillén and then, yesterday, from Vásquez, unleashed a crisis in which many only saw one way: the presidential vacancy or the president resigning from office. This caused Castillo to call a new Cabinet “which had already been contemplated since December of last year,” as reported in his account of the aforementioned social network.

Given the impossibility of reaching consensus for the benefit of the country, I inform that today I presented my letter of resignation to President Pedro Castillo, which was accepted. I reaffirm my commitment to the country and the changes for social justice”, public.

In addition, the president thanked the now ex-premier, Mirtha Vasquez for their work, as well as the holders of the different ministerial careers.

“As I have always announced in my interventions, the cabinet is constantly being evaluated. For this reason, I have decided to renew it and form a new team. I appreciate the support of Mirtha Vásquez and ministers of State. We will continue along the path of development for the good of the country”Pedro Castillo wrote on his Twitter account.


We are all expecting who the new ministers will be, but the position that generates the most expectations is that of the premier. Although with profiles as disparate as Guido Bellido Y Vasquez, it is difficult to predict who will be elected.

However, there are names that sound in the political environment. One of them is Hernando Cevallos, now former Minister of Health. Let us remember that this portfolio is one of the most widely accepted due to a successful vaccination campaign and the role of the minister has generated a positive impact on the majority.

Precisely, when asked about her possible appointment, the congresswoman for Avanza País, Norma Yarrow, commented: “Cevallos is one of the president’s trusted people and has not done any mismanagement”.

When the renewal of the cabinet and the departure of Vásquez from the PCM were announced, Hernando Cevallos was giving a press conference. One of the questions was if he would accept the premiership, and the minister answered very sparingly: “I have nothing to say about that”.

On the other hand, there is Marisol Espinoza, who is a member of the Alliance for Progress, was vice president of the Republic in the mandate of Ollanta Humala and congressman in three terms. The speculation of his income is due to the rapprochement that has taken place between César Acuña and Pedro Castillo. Although the APP leader has tried to distance himself in recent days.

After his failed appointment as president of PetroPerú, Daniel Salaverry is another voiced as prime minister. As is known, Salaverry began his career with APRA and later joined Fuerza Popular, a party with which he became a congressman and president of the legislature. In the last elections, he ran for the presidency in a formula together with Martín Vizcarra.

Finally, Roger Nájar, an economist from Ucayali, is another of those who sounds like a replacement for Mirtha Vásquez. He was a congressman for the Union for Peru party in the period 2006-2011 and lately a close relationship with President Pedro Castillo has been seen. A report by the newspaper El Comercio revealed meetings between the president and Najar at the Government Palace.


Three congressmen appeared yesterday at the Government Palace, after the resignation of Mirtha Vásquez, these three are from the cerronista wing of the party and critics of the past cabinet.

What caught our attention is that after the meeting, from Waldemar Cerrón’s (@rojas_cerron) account, a tweet came out indicating that he had been invited to be the next prime minister. “We finished the meeting with President Pedro Castillo who offered me the PCM. As a great Democrat, I gladly accepted.”, wrote. The message had several retweets, and even the perulibrista congresswoman Zaira Arias congratulated him on the appointment. However after a few minutes, the message was deleted.

Waldemar Cerrón in a confusing tweet.
Waldemar Cerrón in a confusing tweet.

But the story does not end there. From the same account where the tweet was deleted, Cerrón accused a false account of having usurped his name. However, it puts an image of another tweet different from the original and from an account that was not the one that initially tweeted (@Rojas_Cerron_W). “We denounce this false account, which is impersonating my identity and my parliamentary activities”, he indicated.

Waldemar Cerron
Waldemar Cerron


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