Máximo Kirchner: political suicide or custodian of the legacy?

CFK attentively observes Máximo Kirchner during a plenary session of the FdT at the Estadio Único de La Plata (archive photo)

Máximo Kirchner began to think about resigning from the presidency of the Front of All Deputies Bloc in December. When his speech on the floor —saying what he always says about Mauricio Macri’s government— he ejected the opposition and ended up sinking the National Budget Law.

Actually for him to vote the law was to swallow Castor oil. He had introduced several changes, but in political terms he would have liked Martín Guzmán to send the project taking into account the payments committed by the government of Cambiemos with the IMF for 2022, so it was clear to society the infeasibility of those numbers. And to further expose and condition the falcons of the Cametemites that were already beginning to bother the site.

In fact, he had asked Victoria Tolosa Paz to prepare the Final Budget Defense Speech. A magnanimous gesture as Block Leader that, in turn, prevented him from contradicting his innermost thought.

But the fatigue of the session and the lack of psychoanalysis (Kirchner never did therapy), they blew up the unconscious into the air and Máximo said the usual thing about Macri but at the wrong time and in the worst tones. Cristian Ritondo waited for a wink from Diego Santilli (a duo that has been playing tricks as a couple for 30 years), took the opportunity to take offense and, in a second, Guzmán’s budget that was waiting for his birth certificate ended up being aborted.

in those hours Máximo made his resignation available for the first time. Around him they understood it as a gesture in the face of the failure of the law. But inside him the idea began to take shape that more than giving him power, the Block Headquarters he was contradicting his convictions and mortgaging the political future of your space.

The next chapter was written last week. Neither the reunion with his children nor the peace of the southern vacations for a few days in January managed to calm him down.. On Wednesday he dined alone with the President. Horacio Verbitsky revealed in detail the content of that talk. Apparently he complained to Alberto to stop disrespecting Cristina: “You made him lose the 2017 election and he helped you get to where you are. Esteban Bullrich, who during that campaign got into trouble with his daughter, called him and made himself available to him when he got sick. And I clarify that I did not agree with your candidacy just as I do not approve of this negotiation now. For this reason, I think you will do better with her, who is the head of this political space”.

On Friday the Government announced the agreement and Máximo sank into silence. The decision that was announced yesterday with that long statement in which, without saying anything new in ideological terms, confesses for the first time in public that he does not endorse or vote for Guzmán’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Clearly antagonistic position with his role as Head of the ruling Bloc.

The popular and media imaginary once caricatured Máximo as the boy from the Play Station. Macrista spokesmen came to tell and publish that they found controls for that game lying on the ceilings of the Olivos galleries. The survival of La Cámpora, the four years of macrismo without state financing, the return of Kirchnerism to power and the appearance of Máximo in public acts where made it clear that if he had inherited something from Cristina it was his oratorical ability, they banished that first version.

However. Rivers of ink ran trying to figure out later if Máximo was pragmatic like Néstor or more ideological like CFK.

The establishment He became enthusiastic at some point when at private dinners and various meetings to which he attended many times invited by Jorge Brito, the deputy – who does not have a university degree – demonstrated solvency in economic and financial discussions.

But it is clear that, for worse or for better, Máximo is not Nestor and neither is Cristina. As clear as CFK is his political boss but she is also his mother. And as Freud says There is no love healthier than that of a mother to her son. We mothers of boys love our children better than we love ourselves.

The official version says that CFK tried until the last moment to convince Máximo not to resign to the block leadership. If this were true, it would be the first step taken by the Chief of La Cámpora, not only to differentiate himself from the government of Alberto Fernández or to become the hawk of the Frente de Todos, but also to differ from his own mother, with all that this implies.

It is also possible that CFK ideologically agrees with his son and wants to break with the IMF but holds his tongue because he knows he is only possible way. And go for pragmatism in governability.

As true as that, unlike men, women let us inherit.

To the parents, Mauricio Macri learned it well, you have to kill them psychologically to be able to be To arise. The male does not compete with the mother.

Mothers can inherit them.

Kirchnerism was the initial and main political branch of the Front for all. But it’s clear that the Government today, pandemic, recession and adjustment promised to the IMF included does not contain that initial pact with its voters. Maximum bet to stay, at least, with that symbolic capital. The film that is being lived in the region spreads it. Chile excites him.

And time, only time, will tell…


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