ifo Institute: More employees working from home again

Status: 01.02.2022 10:15 a.m

In January, more people worked from home again. According to calculations by the ifo Institute, the rate remains below the previous maximum – and in many more cases home office is possible.

In the course of the Omikron wave, the number of employees working from home has increased slightly again. In January, 28.4 percent of the employees worked there at times, in December it was 27.9 percent, according to a survey by the Munich ifo Institute.

However, the home office rate is a good three percentage points below the peak of March 2021, said Jean-Victor Alipour, an expert on home office at the economic research institute. “Not all companies are apparently observing the home office requirement that was reintroduced at the end of November,” says Alipour.

“The potential is far from exhausted”

The home office potential of 56 percent calculated by the institute is still far from being exhausted. The home office quota remained highest in the service sector with a share of 39.2 percent. IT service providers and management consultants work by far the most frequently at home, each with over 70 percent.

In industry, the home office share rose from 19.7 to 20.2 percent and in retail from 6.6 to 6.9 percent. In contrast, people in the hotel industry rarely work from home: the rate remained low at 2.7 percent.


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