Controversy between Daniel Samper Ospina, Mábel Lara and Sandra Borda, for the unfortunate accusation against Íngrid Betancourt

Colombian journalist and youtuber Daniel Samper Ospina / Colprensa-Alvaro Tavera.

The political storm generated by the current candidate of the Oxygen Green party, Ingrid Betancourt, who resigned from participating in the Centro-Esperanza coalition due to “unholy” support received by Alexander Gaviria, had a pitiful episode last January 31 when the journalist Daniel Samper-Ospina Through his Twitter account, he took advantage of a trend on the social network under the hashtag #WeAreEnLaOllaCon to write the following:

#WeAreInTheOllaWith this heroine who landed in the center like Joan of Arc but behaved in the end like Juana la Loca.

The message, accompanied by a Betancourt’s photo, posted at 6:38 am reached 831 RT, 380 citations and 5,280 likes, soon brought criticism to Samper Ospina for what many users of said social network called machismo and sexism against Betancourt.

The comment served so that another figure, this time a politician, intervened in the debate; the current candidate for the Senate for the lists of the New Liberalism party, and who is also a journalist, Mabel Lara In a serene tone but without leaving aside the forcefulness, Lara stated: “Dear friend @DanielSamperO It has been shown that ridicule against women who exercise leadership reduces their participation in public and power scenarios. Today has been a key day to learn – and I include myself – that words and ways of “naming” matter”.

Another reaction came from Sandra Bordo, also a candidate for the Senate for the New Liberalism, recognized panelist in media such as Caracol and Red + Noticias, as well as a professor and academic who wrote the following: “They had been late: How about we debate the arguments instead of falling into the very common and questionable place of calling women crazy?” accompanying his comment with the tweet of Samper Ospina.

On the other hand, one of the strongest comments came from the alternative influencer Levy Rincon, known for his high-flown expressions, who, despite being blocked by Samper Ospina, referred to him as “If the asshole did not have those surnames, the money and his family’s contacts, he would not have gotten anywhere.”

Rincón’s comment reached the 2,246 RTs, 89 citations and more than 10,000 “likes” on Twitter, with the reference being published just over three hours after the journalist’s tweet.

This, apart from offering apologies in his account, said that he did not want his tweet to have the macho sense that the users of said network pointed out and even offered to open a space to debate the subject.

But nevertheless, It is not the first time that Samper Ospina has generated a controversy in which the protagonists are women.

In a column published in 2017 in his former publishing house, SEMANA, Samper Ospina He referred in these terms to Amapola, the daughter of the senator for the Democratic Center party, Paloma Valencia: “Dr. Paloma had a daughter and named her Amapola, something that Dr. Londoño almost criticized her for, he is so harsh with everything that has to do with drugs.”

The reaction of said political sector was led by the former president and former senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who called Samper Ospina a “child rapist.” Despite the fact that Uribe had to retract said affirmation, Senator Valencia did stand up for said remarks and expressed the following: “I believe that he did qualify as a child rapist and they will give me a lot of stick for that. Children are sacred. You shouldn’t mess with anyone’s children”.

It should be remembered that UN Women He pointed out that in Colombia violence against women suffered an upsurge due to the covid-19 pandemic. The entity highlighted that in the country, the 63% of women said that they or other women they know had experienced some form of violence during that time.

In Context | 63% of women in Colombia have been victims of some form of abuse during the pandemic


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