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From: Andrea Stettner

In Italy, an overly flippant job advertisement triggers a real scandal. (Iconic image) © Angelika Warmuth/dpa

A job advertisement from an Italian security company causes a stir. The reason was the “special” requirements for the receptionist we were looking for.

In the search for a new receptionist, an Italian company from Naples has now gotten itself into a lot of trouble. The security company turned one on Job ad*, which couldn’t be more suggestive – and thus triggered a real scandal.

Applicants with a “sunny disposition” and a revealing application photo wanted

In the job advertisement, those responsible did not take the issue of equal rights too seriously. According to the British news site, the applicant should be “not older than 30” and have a “sunny disposition with an attractive appearance”. The Guardian reported. But that’s not all: To prove their attractive appearance, the ladies should also wear a Full body picture in bikini enclose with the application documents, the advertisement for the 500-euro job goes on to say.

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Job advertisements are circulating on social media

A screenshot of the job advertisement quickly circulated on the internet. The responsible works councilor for Naples, Chiara Marciani, was shocked and called the job advertisement “absurd” and a “scandal”. The company concerned apologized and justified the incident with the inexperience of the employee responsible. The text of the job advertisement has since been changed. But this realization probably comes too late: the Italian Ministry of Labor has become aware of the case. According to Guardian the authority has already launched an investigation.

Not only companies amaze with questionable texts from time to time. Applicants also often overshoot the mark – as this email from a rejected candidate shows. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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