Chile vs. Bolivia: Brayan Cortés and a saving hand that prevented the go-ahead goal for the ‘Green’

Brayan Cortés replaces Claudio Bravo in Qatar 2022 Qualifying.

Brayan Cortés is already the top figure of the party in La Paz and the one in charge of that Chile and Bolivia remain tied 1-1 at the Hernando Siles stadium for the South American Qualifiers. The goalkeeper makes impressive saves in the final minutes and keeps the Chilean team alive, as they look to keep their hopes alive on their way to Qatar 2022.

The action occurred after 70 minutes of play, when the ‘Green’ got a corner in favor. The first ball was taken by Diego Bejarano, who put it closer to the Chilean goal for the appearance of Marc Enoumba, who put it on its head and He found a great save by the Chilean goalkeeper to save the ‘Red’ again.

For now the actions are in favor of the Bolivians, who have all the balls stopped the clearest options after the income of Henry Vaca and Ramiro Vaca. The match has a wet field and the difficulty to control the ball or try to be precise in the pass to the teammate. However, the biggest problems are the goalkeepers.

Let’s remember that in the first part Alexis Sánchez scored the first goal of the match through a great execution of a free kick, while the Bolivian nationalized African scored the partial equalizer. Chile has kept its most dangerous players on offense so far such as Ber Brereton, Mauricio Isla and Marcelino Núñez.

Chile and Bolivia are playing to stay alive in the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.


The Chilean team and the Bolivian team face each other this Tuesday, February 1, in the first game of the long day 16 of the South American Qualifiers. Both teams are out of the qualifying zone and will fight at the Hernando Siles de la Paz stadium for the three points that keep their hopes of attending Qatar 2022 alive. It all starts at 03:00 pm (Peruvian time).

The advantage from a certain point is ‘Green’, which will be local and has in its favor the height of the capital. However, the ‘Mapochos’ only fell once in their last four away games, so they have earned confidence in this difficult place in the Qualifiers.

Both teams have met 47 times, with a clear advantage for the ‘Red, who has 31 wins in favor. On the other hand, Bolivia have won seven games and have drawn nine times. The last time they met was the Copa América Brasil 2021 with a 1-0 victory for Chile, the only goal was scored by Ben Brereton, who will start in this match.

However, the last time they met in the South American Qualifiers was for the current tournament with a final draw 1-1 in Santiago, being a more than positive result for the ‘altiplánicos’. This match was played within the framework of the eighth day and the authors of the goals were Erick Pulgar and Marcelo Martins (both will go from the first second).


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