Chile defeats Bolivia in La Paz and does not give up its fight for a place in the World Cup in Qatar

The Chilean striker opened the scoring in La Paz

After so much water due to the intense rains that hit Peace, Chile Y Bolivia faces were seen in a crucial duel for the South American Qualifiers. Is that both teams reached the date 16 of the competition with the obligation to win so as not to mortgage the possible tickets to the Qatar World Cup. Undoubtedly, the initial delay and the pitch of the Hernando Siles Stadium contributed a share of drama to the show that opened the day.

In the first moves, the group that leads Cesar Farias tried to impose the pace of the match. However, the one that had the clearest chance to open the scoring was the Andean cast. A center sent by Alexis Sanchez found the head of Benjamin Kuscević, but the defender of palm trees resolved diverted. It was a warning. None served the draw.

Before reaching the first quarter of an hour an unnecessary infraction of Adriano Jusino about Ben Brereton allowed him to The Red get ahead. The remarkable punch of Wonder child and the bad reaction Charles Lampe were the elements that made up the away goal. Despite the adversities and the blow suffered with Argentina, the pride of the two-time champion of America was felt in enemy territory.

The reaction of the plateau was not long in coming. A violent long-distance shot from Erwin Saavedra, which he deactivated with solvency Brayan Cuts, represented a threat to the local team. And the warning turned into a goal at the exit of that corner kick. The precise delivery of Juan Carlos Arce was a dagger for the Chilean defense, since Marc Enoumba rose into the alien area and sealed the 1 a 1 to awaken the euphoria in the present public. As the distribution of points was not a business for any of them, from that moment on an open clash charged with emotions was formed.

The local team matched the actions against Chile through the stopped ball

In the complement the duel was experienced with greater intensity. Despite the physical decline of the protagonists, none was satisfied with the partial result. an attempt to ramiro cow that bounced off the inside of the post; and an appearance of Marc Enoumba, that aroused sighs for a new header that hit the crossbar, were a sign of local superiority, although Marcelino Nunez, also with the use of long distance, he managed to expose the Chilean wishes. Both teams had their arguments to stay


Bolivia: Carlos Lampe, Adriano Jusino, Marc Enoumba, José Sagredo, Rodrigo Ramallo, Fernando Saucedo, Moisés Villarroel, Erwin Saavedra, Juan Carlos Arce, Marcelo Martins and Bruno Miranda. DT: Cesar Farias

Chile: Brayan Cortés, Paulo Díaz, Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Gabriel Suazo, Erick Pulgar, Charles Aránguiz, Benjamín Kuscevic, Marcelino Núñez, Alexis Sánchez and Ben Brereton. DT: Martin Lasarte.

Referee: Alexis Herrera (VEN)

Stadium: Hernando Siles Stadium (La Paz)

TV: TyC Sports


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