Changes in the Sheinbaum cabinet: Rebeca Sánchez Sandín will be the new Secretary of Tourism of the CDMX

The CDMX government reported on the new changes in Claudia Sheinbaum’s cabinet (Photo: Twitter/ @Claudiashein)

The government of Mexico City (CDMX), headed by Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, announced the new changes within the cabinet of the Head of Government. Through a statement, the capital authorities announced that Rebeca Olivia Sánchez Sandín was appointed as the new Secretary of Tourism.

From December 2018 to date, Sánchez Sandín served as the general director in the General Directorate of Territorial Regularization (DGRT) of the Legal Department and Legal Services of the Government of the capital.

The new head of the capital’s Ministry of Tourism has a law degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and was also general director of Citizen Participation and Management in the Mayor’s Office of Tlalpan, the same demarcation in which she held the position of director of the Center for Citizen Services and Attention (CESAC).

Photo: Cuartoscuro.
Photo: Cuartoscuro.

The arrival of Sánchez Sandín at the agency occurred after the resignation of Paóla Félix Díaz as head of the Ministry of Tourism due to the scandal she starred in in November 2021 after the remarks made by columnist Darío Celis, who assured on social networks that The former official had been arrested in Guatemala for introducing USD 25,000 in cash.

Another of the changes within Sheinbaum Pardo’s cabinet corresponds to the departure of Vanessa Bohórquez López from the capital’s Ministry of Culture. In this way, the former head of the local office will be replaced by Claudia Curiel de Icaza, whose career in the field of cultural management adds 15 years of experience.

Curiel studied history at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and specialized in Education for the Arts with the international program taught by McGill, NYU and Harvard universities.

In 2017 he joined the ranks of the Coordination of Cultural Dissemination of the UNAM as deputy director of Lake House and, later, as deputy director of programming of the General Directorate of Music.

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