Animal manure reused: Axpo feeds biomethane into the Spanish gas grid

4 million euros investments

To this end, the partners have invested a total of almost 4 million euros. The biomethane is initially used directly in the on-site plants to generate electricity for the farm’s own needs. The excess gas is also fed into the local network of the operator Nedgia.

“Manure and liquid manure are wastes that, if left untreated, have a very negative impact on soil, groundwater and, due to methane emissions, also on the atmosphere,” says Ignacio Soneira, Managing Director, Axpo Iberia. “By turning it into biomethane, we can fully utilize this waste in the form of energy that can be consumed directly on the farm or fed into the gas grid.”

Soils contaminated in Catalonia

In Catalonia there are around 8 million pigs, 700,000 cattle and 38 million poultry, which together produce around 17 million tons of liquid manure. Around two years ago, the European Commission gave Spain an ultimatum to get the problem of soil contaminated by animal husbandry under control.

The Commission drew attention to the particularly worrying situation in vulnerable areas of high agricultural production in Catalonia. As a result, interest in biogas plants in local agriculture has increased significantly in recent years. (jk)

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