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The medical supply store based in Flensburg hires trainees, specialists and career changers.



February 02, 2022 at 12:01 am

Most people would like to have a fulfilling job that makes a real contribution to society. If it is also exciting and varied, all the better! Such a job can be found at the medical supply store Thiel & Scheld in Flensburg. The traditional company is currently looking for a driver in the field of rehabilitation technology and for trainees as a retail clerk, office clerk and warehouse clerk.

Jan Petersen, one of the three managing directors of the company, explains how he got into orthopedic technology back then: “I’ve always liked working with my hands and then decided on orthopedics because the work here is simply very varied, simply because of all the different things materials that are processed. And there is a lot of variety at the front of the store, too: patients come to us again and again whose problem we have never seen before and for whom we can then work on a new solution.”

The company is committed to making everyday life easier for people with restricted mobility and thus giving them back an important part of their quality of life. Insoles, prostheses and orthoses are created in the workshop, wheelchairs are adapted to the needs of patients and electronically controlled knee joints are manufactured. The same spectrum can also be seen in the customers, because if you only think of “old people” when you hear the keyword “medical supply store”, you are wrong:

We also have very young customers who come in because they have injured themselves playing sports and need a bandage. Basically, we serve the entire spectrum of society, from children and young people to adults of all ages.
Jan Petersen, Managing Director of Thiel & Scheld

For example, pregnant women with stretching in their legs who need stockings or who need additional support for their stomach are advised in the medical supply store. Restricted mobility due to an accident can also affect people in every phase of their lives.