TK evaluation: Sick leave 2021 decreased significantly

Status: 01/31/2022 08:36 a.m

The number of sick leave fell significantly in 2021. This was the result of an evaluation by Techniker Krankenkasse. Above all, absenteeism due to colds decreased – more frequent causes were psychological diagnoses.

In the second Corona year 2021, sick leave from employees fell to a low, according to an analysis by Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). As the evaluation based on data from their own insured persons showed, each employed person lost an average of 14.5 days.

In 2020 it was 15.1 days, in 2019 15.4 days and in 2018 15.5 days. The number of sick leave due to a Covid 19 diagnosis rose to 37,625 last year after 26,833 in the first Corona year 2020.

Hygiene rules still in effect

Cashier Jens Baas said the main reason for the general decline in absenteeism was significantly less sick leave due to colds. According to the analysis, every TK-insured person was absent for an average of 1.64 days in 2021 – in 2020 it was 2.30 days and in 2019 before the pandemic 2.37 days.

This shows that the distance and hygiene rules are still very effective. According to the evaluation, the most common reasons for sick leave were mental diagnoses at 21.8 percent for the fourth time in a row. This was followed by diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as back pain with 18.4 percent and diseases of the respiratory system with 11.3 percent.

For the analysis, data from 5.5 million employees who are insured with Techniker Krankenkasse were evaluated. Certificates of incapacity for work must be sent to the health insurance company if employees are absent for more than three days.

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