The good and the bad of the HOT 11S NFC: video games surprised

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Gaming and memories are part of the lives of human beings and cell phones have these two aspects, the preferred means of communication for the majority, it offers, through its manufacturers, equipment with many lenses to take good pictures, and speeds high to play what they want.

In this sense, it is important to test the devices and find out what advantages they could bring with user-specific routines.

We tested one of the latest cell phones that is on the market from Infinix manufacturers, it is the HOT 11S NFC that has high memory and speed.

However, it is relevant to focus on NFC technology, since many do not know what it is and it appears in the name of the cell phone.

The technology NFC (Near Field Communication), consists of an open platform designed for mobile phones and devices (for now only available on Android phones) that works to transmit large amounts of data such as identification, validation of equipment, people, etc.

One of its main advantages is the speed of communication. Data is transmitted at near instantaneous speed with no prior pairing required (featured).

For this we check its speed and if it is relevant that it has an Octa Core Helio G88 Dual chip processor that reaches 2.0GHz increasing its ability to execute multitasking processes, that is to say that it had a continuous performance and a smoother game. For example, Fifa, Asphalt 9 Legends and Monument Valley were played. However, downloading Fortnite did not work as expected.

Now the immersive experience is important because it has a graphics subsystem which includes a Bifrost ARM Mali-G52 MP2 accelerator with a frequency of 1000MHz that supports a 6.78″ screen with FHD+ resolution, refresh rate of 90Hz and high resolution of 1080*2460 so that no detail is missed. The HOT has 6+128GB memory.

But if we go for simplicity, that is, beyond the technical, it can be played easily and without problems with the device heating up, unless you want to download a game like Fortnite, which is one of the heaviest on the market, It is impossible, because keep in mind that each update of the app can have up to 1Gb more.

We tested the camera and it is one of the most relevant features of this mobile because it has 50MP+2MP+AI triple camera (artificial intelligence). It is very easy to use since tools such as Night, Portrait, and more appear in the Camera option. About artificial intelligence we test with animals and it adjusts to them.

Cat, photo taken with cell phone
Cat, photo taken with cell phone
zoom cat
zoom cat

The triple camera system allows you to have videos with 2K resolution. Main camera setup features include digital zoom, Quad flash, face detection, and tap to focus.

About the selfie camera, very useful to be more independent with the photographs, it has an 8 MP with dual flash. There we were able to identify that there is no problem if there is not good light, but if it is at night you do not have a perfect image.

Finally, about the battery of 5000 mAh with 18W fast charging system, we were able to confirm that in almost an hour the equipment charges 60%. However, if you are in a place where you cannot charge and you need the phone, you can access the PowerMarathon function to choose two options that allow you to increase the charge, depending on your need. In fact, the cell phone itself advises the time or functions that you can use with each option.

In Latin America, the equipment for Peru and Colombia is available by accessing the official Infinix page.


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