Rhineland-Palatinate: Police officers shot at traffic control

Status: 01/31/2022 08:10 a.m

During the night in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Kusel, a police officer and a police officer were fatally injured by gunfire during a traffic check. According to the police, the background is unclear.

During a traffic control in the district of Kusel in Rhineland-Palatinate, a police officer and a police officer were fatally injured by shots during the night. This was announced by the police in Kaiserslautern. According to the information, the background to the event is still unclear.

The officials of the Kusel Police Inspectorate were therefore on a routine patrol. The fatal shots were fired at around 4:20 a.m. during a traffic check on District Road 22 in Ulmet. You could have sent a radio message, said a police spokesman. When reinforcements arrived at the scene, it was already too late for the 24-year-old and her 29-year-old colleague.

Don’t pick up hitchhikers

The police said a full search was being made for the fleeing perpetrators. Traces were secured at the scene of the crime. According to the information, there is no description of the perpetrators or the escape vehicle used. The direction of escape is also not known.

The police are asking residents in the Kusel district not to pick up hitchhikers. At least one suspect is armed.


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