Peru paralyzes all Repsol oil discharge in the Pacific

LIMA (AP) — Peru halted all oil loading and unloading that Repsol was carrying out in the Pacific on Monday in front of its refinery off the coast of Lima, where 11,900 barrels of crude spilled on Jan. 15.

The measure announced to journalists by the Minister of the Environment, Rubén Ramírez, occurs because Repsol “has not given the certainty that it can face a new spill” of hydrocarbons.

Peru announced that 24 Pacific beaches are contaminated and the area impacted by oil is currently 116 square kilometers between sea and land, an area slightly larger than Paris.

The minister added that the energy company “has not shown clear cleaning and remediation actions in the face of what has already happened and has been asked to modify the contingency plan.”

Repsol has three maritime terminals in front of the La Pampilla refinery. The oil spill occurred in terminal number two located 4.5 kilometers offshore from the shore and the government of President Pedro Castillo considers it the worst environmental disaster in the capital in recent times.

There are seven refineries in Peru, the most important being La Pampilla, where some 117,000 barrels are refined daily.

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