Final Fantasy VII turns 25 and they anticipated news about the second part of its remake for this year

Today Final Fantasy VII, which is considered one of the most relevant video games in the history of the industry, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To commemorate that date, a special logo was presented, but its managers also announced different projects related to the title that they are working on at the moment.

To celebrate the moment in which the game landed in Japan, through social networks they published messages of Yoshinori Kitase Y Tetsuya Nomura. “This year is the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. It’s also the 35th birthday of the Final Fantasy series., which means that Final Fantasy VII was born in the tenth year of those 35 years of history ”, he reviewed Kitase, director of FF VII. In addition, he recalled that last year it was voted the third most popular game according to a Japanese television poll and stressed that if they achieved this it is thanks to the support they have received from fans over the years.

Tetsuya Nomura also took advantage of the celebration to highlight the different projects that came out of the original game and referred to the next releases, as is the case of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, a mobile video game that will come to iOs and Android. “In the future, there will also be more Final Fantasy VII projects which started after the remake. The team sees this 25th anniversary as a milestone in our journey with Final Fantasy VII, and will continue to push toward greater goals.”

In addition, those responsible for the game offered different interviews and, in one of them, Kitase He spoke about the second part of the remake and announced that his plan is to give more information about that installment during this year. However, he did not say it as an absolute certainty and we will have to wait to see if these news materialize. What is known is that the title is going to capitalize on the characteristics of the PlayStation 5, so it can be expected that it will make an even greater leap in its proposal.

To understand the importance that the game had in the industry, the journalist Yes Roth took up a hilo that he made on Twitter in 2020 on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary. “Final Fantasy VII was a before and after. It redefined JRPGs for generations, seamlessly integrating cinematics into gameplay, with a high definition soundtrack accompanying the action. It sold more than 12MM copies, second only to Pokémon”, he highlighted.

In addition, he reviewed the reasons behind its impact, since “Final Fantasy VII was the first FF that did not come out for Nintendo, from which it had been exclusive.” In this way, the range of options for its developers became broader: “The CD-ROM format allowed Square to have better graphics. VII was the first game they developed in 3D and details that were not important before were now important: Square created its art department for this game and had to hire specialized personnel.

It also highlighted the weight of history, something that went against the grain at the time. “When it came out, it was unusual for games to prioritize the story and leave the gameplay in the background. This bet ended up being very profitable for the franchise. The theme of the game is life: survive, reinvent yourself, be reborn. Man vs machine, nature vs synthetic. What drives the story is, as in other FF, the imminent destruction of the world. This installment brought darker elements to the series, from dark sci fi like Metropolis,” he explained.

Final Fantasy VII took big risks for its time and the bet paid off: it gave us one of the best games in history. The remake also took huge risks, trying to build on rather than repeat a legend. And it was worth it too.”


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